Ah, there’s nothing like a soothing bath. But after-bath cleanup of ring-around-the-bathtub can ruin a nice relaxing soak. Here’s what to do…

To prevent bathtub rings, do not use any bath preparations (such as gels, bubble bath, salts, pearls, etc.) that contain oils.

But what if you don’t use them and you still get a ring around the tub? Next time, as you’re filling the bath, add one-half cup of baking soda to the running water. After the bath, let out the water, and there should be no ring around the tub. As a bonus, the baking soda soothes, softens and conditions skin.

 Remove a ring with some hose: If you forgot to add the baking soda and the bathtub has a ring (or if you couldn’t help but use that gooey bubble bath), get a pair of old, clean pantyhose, cut off a leg, scrunch it up and use it to rub off the ring…with a dab of baking soda, of course! Your tub will be scratch-free clean.

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