Do you tend to oversleep? Do you hate the heinous blare of your bedside clock…or does the music it plays just lull you back to sleep? The following alarm clocks and other devices can get you out of bed more reliably and/or more pleasantly—some even can improve your sleep…


Rug that forces you out of bed. Ruggie is a soft mat that’s placed on the floor beside your bed. It has a digital-time readout and settable alarm functions for different days of the week. When Ruggie’s alarm sounds, you must put both of your feet on it for three seconds to 30 seconds (you choose the duration) to turn it off—ensuring that you’re no longer under the covers. $99 list, but recently available online for $69.

Sensorwake Trio

Way to be awakened through the power of smell. Sensorwake Trio is an alarm clock that can be set to emit a pleasant scent such as the smell of coffee…peppermint…the seaside…or others to lure you from your slumber. The scents come from a combination of natural and synthetic compounds inside disposable scent capsules that are good for 30 wake-ups each. If three minutes of scent doesn’t rouse you, lights and music follow. SensorWake Trio is an updated model that is expected to reach the market by late this year. Likely to be $80 to $100. Additional scent capsules, $5 apiece.

Beddi Glow

Clock that wakes you by simulating the sunrise. The Beddi Glow uses slowly building warm-toned light to ease you gently into morning the way a sunrise might. If the light alone doesn’t do the trick, the clock can play the music of your choice from Spotify, Apple Music or other online music streaming ­services. Beddi Glow can serve as a night-light and a white-noise generator as well. (A smartphone or tablet and a free Android or Apple app are required for initial setup and to customize the clock’s settings.) $79.99 list, but recently available online for $37.

Mella sleep trainer

Alarm clock that encourages little kids to stay in bed longer. The Mella children’s sleep trainer’s cute digital “face” has eyes and a mouth—kids can judge by its open or shut eyes whether they should be up yet…or instead hang tight and let their parents or grandparents sleep a little longer. (The clock face changes color when it’s time to rise, too.) The clock also serves as a night-light and white-noise machine, both conducive to longer sleep, and can function as a conventional alarm clock as well. $50.