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Guide to Healthier Gardening for a Healthier You!


Here’s advice: Go get dirty! Yup…dig, water, pot, plant. You’re really not into all that gardening stuff? Once you hear the many wonderful health benefits you can get from not just eating veggies but from growing them as well, we bet you’ll be digging down to find your own inner gardener!

Welcome to the Bottom Line Guide to Healthier Gardening for a Healthier You! With the articles below, you’ll find out about pain-free raking and weeding…nutritious, easy-to-grow (and very tasty!) vegetables that you probably never heard of…and a garden that even hay fever sufferers can enjoy. Also check out the houseplant that keeps you mentally alert…flowers that don’t just look good—they also taste good…why being an “active” gardener protects you from a certain age-related hand problem…how to win the war against weeds without using dangerous toxins…and much more.

Read below for more about these and other ways that gardening can make you healthier…and be even more rewarding!

The Buff Gardener

The Great Gardening Workout

The Right Way to Rake

Pain-Free Gardening

Stretch the Right Muscles Before You Garden

Protect Your Hands While Gardening

Eat Flowers…Grow Your Own Tea

Homegrown Herbal Tea

Grow Medicine in Your Garden!

Edible Flowers: How to Choose and Use Them

How to Grow and Use Rose Hips

Plants to Keep You Healthy…and Those That Don’t

The Most Healthful Plants

Walk Barefoot On the Grass and Let the Earth Energize Your Body

Beautiful Houseplants That Clean Indoor Air

Best Gardens for Allergic People

How to Garden with Allergies

Backyard Plants Can Be Poisonous

Winning the Weed Wars the Safe Way

How Can I Get Rid of the Weeds on My Lawn Without Using Toxic Chemicals?

Weed-Free Garden…with Ease

Spraying the Yard or Garden for Ticks

The Farmer’s Market in Your Backyard

Easy-to-Grow Vegetables You’ve Never Tried

How to Grow Perfect Tomatoes

How to Grow Delicious Tomatoes…Problem-Free

5 Edible Weeds That Are Probably Growing in Your Yard

Growing the Right Vegetables Saves $$$$

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