You probably know that oatmeal is an economical, satisfying, good-for-you breakfast food, but on its own it can be pretty bland. Here’s a trick to make it delicious…

For a taste boost to your oatmeal, toast your oats! Start with a dry sauté pan that can withstand high heat (we do not recommend Teflon-coated pans for this). Heat the pan on high for two to three minutes. Add one-half cup of oats and a sprinkle of salt to taste. Lower heat to medium high, and stir occasionally. A nutty, toasted-grain aroma will ensue (if you want even more toasted, nutty flavor, add one-quarter cup of nuts to your sauté pan, but this is optional). As the oats change color, stir often and be patient…they can take five to seven minutes to brown completely.

Once the oats are nicely browned, shut off the heat and let the pan cool off slightly. In a separate pot or kettle, boil up one cup of water (or warm up milk, if you’d like) and carefully add it to your sauté pan and stir to combine. Let the oats sit until they absorb the liquid, three to five minutes. Now the oats are ready to enjoy!

The toasted-oat texture will be flakier and chewier than the usual creamy cooked oatmeal. Feel free to add cinnamon, vanilla extract, brown sugar or honey, but we like the toasted oats plain with whatever fruit we have on hand…delicious!

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