If you’re getting ready to paint a room, you probably know to cover up furniture and exposed body parts (like your hair) to keep from looking like you just had a visit from Jackson Pollock. Here are a few more prepainting tips to make for easy cleanup and better results…

• After you open a can of paint but before pouring it into a tray, put tape (masking or transparent) around the entire rim of the can. When you’re finished painting, take off the tape and close the can. The rim of the can will be paint-free and the lid will not get stuck the next time you need to use the can of paint.

• Line your paint tray with aluminum foil—that way, when you’re finished painting, you can just throw away the foil. The tray will look like new, and it will be ready to be used again and again.

• Don’t forget to comb your paintbrush: The last thing you want are hairs in your beautiful paint job! Make sure that there are no loose bristles in your brush by combing through your brush a few times with a regular comb or something like this.

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