Wallpaper is back! Or maybe it never went away? It’s a great way to accent a powder room or small kitchen. Here are a few tips to give you beautiful wallpapered results…

To take off the old stuff: First perforate the old wallpaper (you can buy an inexpensive scorer at hardware and paint stores). Then mix equal amounts of hot water and distilled white vinegar. Saturate a big sponge with the mixture, and wipe it on the wallpaper. (You can use a spray bottle or paint roller and tray, just as long as the solution is hot going on.) Allow it to saturate the paper for 10 to 15 minutes, then you should be able to easily peel off the paper.

If you would rather not be around the smell of vinegar, use one part liquid fabric softener to two parts hot water. Apply the solution to the wallpaper with a sponge, roller or spray. Then about 10 minutes later, start peeling.

Always primer before you paper: Apply a good acrylic-based primer/sealer (get one that is specially formulated for wall coverings) to your clean wall (be sure to allow the surface to dry completely) to prevent the wall from absorbing moisture from the paste. Primer slows the paste’s drying time and makes it easier to position and reposition the paper as you work with it. Also, priming ensures that the wall and the paper will form a strong bond and adhere better. And in the future, when you’re ready for another decorating change, the paper will be easier to remove, thanks to the primer.

To prevent wallpaper peeling: If your cooking heats up the kitchen…or your hot showers steam up the bathroom…you may want to take a precautionary step.

After you finish wallpapering the room, paint the wallpaper seams with clear matte varnish (available at paint and hardware stores). Doing this should go a long way in preventing the paper from peeling. Some professionals suggest, depending on where your paper is hanging, to varnish the entire surface.

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