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June Checklist 2016


• Save a life: Heimlich Maneuver Day is Wednesday, June 1. Learn how to help choking victims at (search “first-aid-choking”).

• Follow the Shadow Rule: When your shadow is shorter than you are, stay out of the sun. The sun’s damaging rays are strongest at this time.

• Protect pets from the sun: Apply dog-specific sunscreen to vulnerable areas (the bridge of the nose, ear tips, belly, groin and exposed areas of nonpigmented skin). Light-skinned, white-haired cats that sunbathe indoors may need cat-specific sunscreen.

• Keep carpenter ants from damaging your home: Trim trees and bushes so that they do not touch the house. Store wood away from the home. Clear clogged gutters, and fix other problems that may allow moisture into the wood.

• Prevent motion sickness: Eat a light snack before traveling. Avoid fat-rich, heavy or spicy foods. Cars—sit in the front. Rest your head against the seat back. Don’t read or watch videos. Planes—choose a window seat near the wings. Boats—book a lower-level cabin near the center of the ship.

Date: June 1, 2016 Publication: Bottom Line Personal
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