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Watch Something Better Than Fireworks This 4th


Instead of spending the rest of this week trying to decide if it’s worth it to suffer through two hours of traffic to see 15 minutes of 4th of July fireworks, do this instead…

Make some iced tea, grab a thick slice of watermelon, and watch (or rewatch) revolutionary war movies and/or series that focus on how our country began. You’ll appreciate anew living in the land of the free.

Our favorite Independence Day movies/series:

John Adams (specifically Parts I-IV). This HBO miniseries starring Paul Giamatti from 2008 is on DVD and on Netflix and Amazon for streaming. Although the focus of the story is John Adams’s political career, it is a beautiful (and realistic!) rendition of the awkward first moments of America’s brand-new government. You’ll get goose bumps when the Declaration of Independence is read and when George Washington is inaugurated as the first President of the United States.

Note: A few scenes depict war violence and antiquated medicine (which was pretty gruesome by today’s standards), but for the most part, this series is fine for the whole family.

1776. This independent production was successfully adapted from the hit 1969 Broadway musical complete with upbeat songs and dancing forefathers. But it’s more than just a frivolous collection of song and dance. The story is set during the first Continental Congress and deftly portrays how hard it was to get a room full of politicians to agree on our Declaration of Independence. Some things never change! It has a bit of bawdy language, but overall is entertaining for the whole family. Available on DVD and for streaming at Netflix or Amazon, or check your local library.

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