Celebrating 60 years of fabulous food, this summer’s Fancy Food Show, held in Washington, DC, had 2,400 exhibitors covering a space of more than 4.7 miles. Here are my favorite finds…


Eat Your Vegetables crispy, low-sodium chips are made from sweet potatoes, carrots and navy beans. And they are baked, not fried. $3.69 for a 4.5-ounce bag. 866-892-5365.

Danielle Crispy Fruit Chips. Start eating these, and you can’t stop. My favorite flavors are roasted coconut, sweet mango and honey banana. Despite their sweet names, there is no sugar added. $3.89 for a two-ounce bag. www.DanielleMarket.com


Rick’s Picks’ pickles. The Mean Beans (pickled green beans) are crisp with real bean flavor. (Use the brine for a mean Bloody Mary.) If you like okra, try the delicious Smokra pickles flavored with Spanish smoked paprika. Bonus: The pickles are low-salt. $9.99 for a 15-ounce jar of Mean Beans…$11.99 for Smokra pickles. 212-358-0428, www.RicksPicksNYC.com.

New York Joe’s Onion Relish. The tangy, sweet flavor is perfect for a hot dog. It also adds zest to omelets and is great with a steak. It was a big hit on The View. $6.99 for a 12-ounce jar. 786-309-6956, www.NYJoesOnions.com.


Wild Planet recently introduced a brand of canned tuna called Sustainable Seas, which is more affordable than other comparable line-caught tuna. The Solid Albacore Tuna and the Solid Light Tuna are packed in water and come in salted and no-salt-added varieties. $3.29 for a five-ounce can of the Albacore…$2.49 for the light tuna. 800-998-9946, www.WildPlanetFoods.com.


Gotta Cook Tonight spice mixture makes an excellent Moroccan tagine. It’s salt-free and sugar-free. Add the spice mixture to meat, onions and stock for a tasty, no-fuss Moroccan stew. $3.99 per packet. 877-827-7423, www.UrbanAccents.com.

Ethiopian Simmer Sauce from Satisfy Your Soul offers a quick way to taste the flavors of this exotic cuisine. Just simmer meat, lentils and vegetables in the sauce, and serve over rice or flatbread. $12.99 for a 16-ounce bottle. 336-266-8627, www.SatisfyYourSoul.com.


Savannah Bee Company honeys go particularly well with certain foods and with tea. Cheese Honey is good with strong blue cheese or aged Gouda. Grill Honey is a robust honey that stands up to barbecued meats and seafood. Tea Honey is lightly flavored to sweeten tea without overwhelming delicate flavors. $12 for a 12-ounce jar. 800-955-5080, www.SavannahBee.com.

Bissinger’s Campfire S’mores Salt Caramels. These bite-size confections are filled with graham cracker, marshmallow and caramel…coated with chocolate…and topped with smoky salt. $10 for a five-piece package. Minimum of two per shipping address. 800-325-8881, www.Bissingers.com.