Is your cat’s or dog’s coat a little on the dull side? This can happen from excess dust or a recent illness or just old age. Try a little something from your fridge to make your pet’s coat shine.

Rub a scant tablespoon of mayonnaise into your cat’s skin and fur, then wipe him clean with a damp washcloth.

For your dog, you can rub a tablespoon into his coat before you give him a final rinse in his bath. Let the mayo sit for five minutes, then give him his rinse. The fur may have a little leftover slickness, but let that sit. Give him a final wipe off with an old towel when you’re ready to go out for your next walk (an hour or so later is best).

The mayonnaise rub should give your best buddy a shiny coat while helping to keep fleas away (the heavy mayo smothers the little buggers).

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