High-tech clubs and gadgets

Modern technology can help you improve your golf game and make it more enjoyable…


More accurate driver. One of golf’s hottest new drivers is the Tour Edge Exotics XCG-V, which is noted for delivering real power off the tee. This modern marvel combines titanium and magnesium alloys with a heavier high-density steel bottom plate. The heavier bottom helps to align the club at impact with more force, resulting in longer, more accurate drives. $300. 800-515-3343, www.touredge.com.

Easier iron set. The best-performing iron set in the legendary TaylorMade line is the new TaylorMade Burner 09 irons. Each of the eight irons features a blend of curves, angles and lines — with the result being high marks for distance, accuracy and forgiveness. The long irons are easy to hit… the middle irons are easy to control… and the short irons give plenty of feel. $700 for a set of eight steel irons… $900 for graphite irons. 866-530-8624, www.taylormadegolf.com.

Lighter “heavy” putter. As its name implies, the Heavy Putter is, well, heavy — but at 750 grams, the new midweight series is lighter than previous Heavy Putters yet still significantly heavier than traditional brands. The line consists of a heavy head and counterbalancing weight in the grip end of the shaft, which forces the body to stabilize the muscles of the midsection for a more consistent, pendulum-like stroke without altering a golfer’s motion. $169 per putter. 888-788-8374, www.boccierigolf.com.


Portable radar. Practice aficionados will find The Radar from National Golf Products a highly useful instrument. It’s an extremely accurate portable ball-flight monitor with custom calibration that lets golfers practice more efficiently. The Radar tells you your ball’s velocity and carry distance on shots ranging from 10 to 420 yards. This handheld device can be combined with a hitting net for indoor or outdoor use. $229. 888-647-8873, www.radargolf.com.

Top GPS rangefinder. The best distance-gauging product for use on the course itself is the SkyGolf Sky Caddie. This instrument eliminates the guesswork of yardages, offering players the precise distance to the green. Not only does it eliminate speculation on distance to the intended target, it also saves time, as players don’t have to walk around the course looking for yardage markers. In testing by Golf Digest magazine, SkyCaddie was the only gold medal recipient in the 2009 “Hot List” for GPS rangefinders. $399.95. 866-759-4653, www.skygolf.com.


Clever travel bag. The new standard in golf travel bags is the Sun Mountain ClubGlider. This roomy-yet-sturdy rolling bag features extendable and retractable legs and wheels that support 100% of the bag’s weight. When the legs are engaged, the nose of the bag and main handle sit up at waist level, as opposed to lying flat on the ground like other bags. This eliminates the repeated bending and lifting required in airport queues with traditional travel bags. $229 to $299 depending on model. 800-227-9224, www.sunmountain.com.