Cereal, milk, sometimes a doughnut…why is breakfast so boring? And why does it leave you starving in an hour? Here are some interesting (and we think more satisfying) options…

Beans on Toast. British foodies say Heinz beans in tomato sauce is the best way to go. The product site boasts that they contain “no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.” You can find them at specialty supermarkets, such as Whole Foods, or online. Just heat ’em up, and spread on whole-grain toast. Top with Worcestershire sauce, cheese, eggs or avocado, if you like.

We also like this recipe that has ingredients you probably have on hand.

A Sweet Potato. Always try to bake an extra sweet potato (or two) when you’re preparing them for dinner, and warm it up for breakfast the next morning. Or you can microwave a medium-size potato on high for about six minutes (if it still seems hard in spots, shift it in your microwave and nuke for a few minutes more). If you like, add a dab of butter and a drizzle of honey or molasses…yum!

Leftover Fish or Meat. How easy can it get, grabbing a leftover piece of meat from last night’s dinner for breakfast? We know you’re thinking, Pork chop for breakfast?! Well, what do you think bacon’s made out of? If you have time for a sit-down breakfast, fry up a few eggs, add your meat to the pan at the last minute (to avoid drying it out). You’re ready for the day!

Eggs on Leftover Spinach. We love spinach and eggs! Heat your leftover spinach in the microwave for just a minute and top with poached or fried eggs. Delicious and nutritious. Or you can make a tasty egg-spinach scramble.

Thanks to Food.com for help with this tip.

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