Soup is so comforting. A hot bowl of thick chowder or savory vegetable-and-meat-filled broth can warm you up body and soul and deliver a heap of nutrition into the bargain. And when you’re feeling under the weather, the restorative magic of chicken soup is legendary.

So forget that bland or salty stuff in a can. Let’s get cooking! These 13 soups not only taste fabulous but will help keep you healthy all winter long.

Soups That Warm and Nourish

Load Up on Antioxidant-Rich Soups
Hearty Minestrone with French Lentils and savory, sweet Squash and Apple Soup topped with a drizzle of maple-syrup-sweetened yogurt are loaded with vitamins A, C and E and selenium to help protect against oxidation-caused cell damage.

Power Soup Boosts Immunity
Amazing Immunity-Boosting Soup has 10 super-germ-fighting ingredients that reduce inflammation and stimulate your body to fight infection.

The Protein-Rich Lentil Dish You Can’t Stop Eating
A blend of fruit and spices gives Red Lentil and Apricot Soup a Middle Eastern flavor. The lentils provide generous amounts of phytonutrients, protein and fiber—to help you feel full while heading off diabetes and protecting your heart.

Anti-Inflammatory Sweet Potato and Ginger Soup
This simple recipe has just two ingredients but makes a delicious soup high in fiber, beta-carotene and phytonutrients that protect against environmental toxins from the sweet potatoes…plus the anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger.

You’ll “Heart” This Carrot Soup
Golden orange, velvety Carrot and Rice Soup is rich in carotenoids shown by research to reduce risk for certain kinds of breast cancer…and alpha-carotene, which protects against cardiovascular disease.

Discover the Health Benefits of Pumpkin Soup
Nutritious, versatile pumpkin is not just for Halloween and Thanksgiving. This Curried Pumpkin and Coconut Soup provides a generous helping of fiber, heart-protective medium-chain fatty acids, plus antioxidants that help ward off cancer. You’ll want to make it year round.

Get Your Probiotics Right Here: 10 Ways to Cook with Miso
Add cubed tofu to this intensely flavorful, slightly sweet Vegetable Miso Soup for a protein-rich main dish that is full of probiotics and also cancer-protective.

Too Much Salt in the Soup? Secret to Removing It
Oops! You added more salt to the pot than you meant to. No problem! This vegetable will save the day (and your soup!).

For Colds, Flu and Stomach Ills

#1 Chicken Soup for a Cold
A simple chicken soup so powerful it almost needs a prescription! In fact, it’s the recipe a respiratory doctor gives his patients who have colds, coughs and/or chest congestion.

Chicken Soup with a Healing Kick!
Take the famous healing power of chicken soup up a few notches by adding spicy ingredients that fight germs and viruses.

The Soup You Need When Diarrhea Persists
We don’t usually tell our readers to eat takeout—but if a bout of diarrhea has depleted your body, this Chinese restaurant favorite is just what you need to replenish vital nutrients.

Ulcer-Soothing Soup
This delicate broth made from barley, lemon and honey is oh-so-soothing—and it helps restore your irritated stomach lining.

Weird Soup for a Hangover
If you partied too hearty last night, sip this spicy broth to ease your pounding hangover headache and dispel that “blah” feeling.