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Dan Clark is an accomplished athlete, fitness expert, television personality, best-selling author and TED X speaker. After surviving a heart attack at age 49, Dan “Nitro” Clark’s world turned upside and he had to fight back. After receiving what he calls a second chance, Dan has dedicated his life to helping others find their inner Gladiator and be their “best human possible.”

In this episode of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast, Dan joins Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner to discuss how his heart attack in December of 2013 not only changed his life for the better—it motivated him to spread his message of resiliency, gratitude and optimism to the world.

Topics explored in this episode:

  • The frightening moment  of Dan’s heart attack (2:21 – 6:15)
  • How Dan went from “Why me?” to “What can I be? (6:15 – 8:21)
  • Dan’s 3 words that pushed him through the anxiety, doubt and fear (8:25 – 9:16)
  • The comeback (9:20 – 13:00)
  • The importance of patting yourself on the back (13:50 – 15:40)
  • What holds people back from overcoming challenges (17:00 – 21:30)
  • Learned optimism and gratitude (25:40 – 26:55)
  • Dan’s morning routine to maximize his day  (27:26 – 30:55)
  • How to live with grace, dignity and positivity (34:40 – 36:42)
  • Why 90% of life is a mind game (how to deal with fear and anxiety) (37:54 – 41:01)
  • Panic attacks (41:07 – 47:30)
  • The power of a smile (50:30 – 53:50)
  • Dan’s take-home message (54:00 – 55:55)

You can learn more about Dan and his work by visiting his website DanNitroClark.net. Dan is so committed to his message and to Bottom Line that he will allow listeners of this podcast to  download his book, F Dying, for free.

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