When you go mattress shopping, take this checklist…

  • Bring along someone who can make sure that your spine is straight as you lie on your side and that there’s no gap between your lower back and the mattress when you lie on your back.
  • In the showroom, lie on a mattress that you are considering for at least 10 to 15 minutes to make sure that it feels comfortable.
  • When you find a mattress that feels comfortable, pick a number from one to 10 that represents where you would place the mattress on a firmness scale. Also write down the key features of the mattress, including coil count and coil wire gauge (if it has coils), to help you find similar mattresses in other showrooms so you can compare prices.
  • Make note of where the price of this mattress falls compared with other mattresses in the same store from the same manufacturer.
  • Ask whether there is a delivery charge and/or a charge for removing your old mattress.
  • Ask whether you can get cash back if you return a mattress or can only exchange it. How much time do you have to return it? Is there an additional charge to pick up the mattress you are returning and deliver a new one? Is there a restocking fee?
  • Once you’ve identified similar mattresses that you like in two or three different stores, negotiate among the stores to get the lowest price. It typically is possible to get at least 20% to 40% off a mattress’s “list” or “regular” price.