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Guide to Healthy, Happy Travel!


Even a “vacation paradise” loses its glow if you’re not feeling well. The Bottom Line Guide to Healthy, Happy Travel! tells you where to sit on a plane to avoid motion sickness…the drink that brings welcome relief for travelers’ constipation…how to travel safely with allergies or a serious health condition…and much more.

Read below for how to stay well and enjoy your trip!

Feeling Good en Route…

Where to Sit to Avoid Turbulence

Take a Vacation from Motion Sickness

How Not to Get Sick On a Cruise

Germy Airplanes

17 Natural Remedies You Always Have With You

Hotel Room Alert

The Four Dirtiest Surfaces In a Hotel Room

Hotel Rooms That Kill

How to Prevent and Kill Bedbugs

The Germiest Spots in Public Places

Diarrhea, Constipation, Disrupted Sleep and Other Travel Woes

Don’t Let Travel Slow You Down

Say No to Antibiotics for Traveler’s Diarrhea

Diarrhea-Free Travel

Over-the-Counter Solution to Altitude Sickness

Boost Your Immunity to Fight Colds, Flu and Pneumonia

New Harm from Jet Lag

Special Health Concerns

Holiday Travel When You Have a Health Problem

Is Air Travel Bad for Your Heart

When Coach Is Better Than First Class

Are You Healthy Enough to Fly?

Don’t Let Food Allergies Keep You Home

Air Travel for Pet Allergy Sufferers

Diseases—The Souvenir You Don’t Want

The Zika Virus: Should I Change My Travel Plans?

Worthless Mosquito Repellents…And What Really Works

 Beware of These Diseases Abroad

When Exotic Travel Turns Deadly

The Ebola Virus in the Age of Travel

How to Really Relax…and Stay Fit

When Relaxing Makes You Sick

Six Ways to Truly Relax on Vacation

Vacationer’s Do-It-Anywhere Upper-Body Workout

Park Bench Fitness–5 Strength-Building Moves

3 Resistance Band Exercises Everyone Should Learn

Date: August 11, 2015 (Updated 5/26/16) Publication: Bottom Line Health
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