Approved Partners

Bottom Line has carefully selected these Approved Providers that can help our readers live healthier, wealthier and happier lives.

Unique, luxury vacations for the discerning traveler

We are excited to partner with Owenoak International to make it even easier for you to go on your adventures. Owenoak has been serving discerning travelers for 30 years, offering luxury vacations to virtually anywhere in the world. Experienced travel professionals will work with you to plan unique, customized vacations with special savings and upgrades when available.

Let us help you find the best doctors and hospitals in America near you

Shopping for health care can be confusing, difficult…and expensive! At Bottom Line, we’ve partnered with Castle Connolly Medical (CCM) to take the guesswork out of choosing the best physicans and hospitals nationally, regionally and locally within70 medical specialties.

CCM is a physicians-led research team that nominates and features only the top doctors in its database, which now is offered with exclusive pricing to you, our Bottom Line customer.

Nowhere else can you get this valuable service at our reduced cost. To learn more about how CCM and Bottom Line can guide you to the help you need…

Prescription Savings Card

If you’re taking FDA-approved medications for heart disease, Alzheimers, diabetes, depression, asthma, and more… it’s never been easier to save up to 80% at over 62,000 pharmacies across the U.S. (including Walmart, Target, and Safeway). No claim forms to fill out, no deductible and best of all, no limits. You’ll get automatic savings… no questions asked. Sign up and start saving today.

Blue Apron

When it comes to cooking at home, there is simply no higher quality and better value than Blue Apron. Its chefs and farmers work together to bring you the most delicious recipes including farm-fresh, seasonal produce, meat with no added hormones, sustainably-sourced seafood and everything you need to prepare the best meals at home!

Naked Wines

Get exclusive access to world-class wines, and support talented indie winemakers! At Naked Wines, there is no risk and no membership fee to join. It’s not just a wine “club”—it’s an investment. You invest in Naked Wines, and they invest in the winemakers that bring some of the best wines in the world directly to you.