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Living to 100…and Beyond

The key is not what you expect… When we hear about people who live to age 100 or beyond, it…


Age Gracefully, Not Grumpily

In our youth-obsessed culture, it can be tough to face the fact of getting older. Many men and women find…


Normal Aging vs. Treatable Illness—How to Tell the Difference

With all the physical changes that occur as we grow older, it’s tempting to chalk up all our infirmities to…

Retirement Living

How to Avoid the Nursing Home

Aging In Place Lets Seniors Stay Comfortably In Their Homes As my aunt hits her mid-eighties, she has no intention…


Questionable Care at Trendy Anti-Aging Clinics

These So-Called Clinics Don't Practice Medicine Rather like specialty boutiques compared with department stores, anti-aging clinics staffed with doctors that can…


Anti-Aging Secrets from Canyon Ranch

New thinking on the best ways to avoid chronic illness Scientists still haven’t figured out exactly what causes aging. Is…


Antiaging: Hope or Hoax?

“Antiaging” experts are popping up like flowers in springtime, promising to help people look and feel their best. Many of…


Aging Gracefully

Top model Valerie Ramsey tells how (not for women only) Looking young is a $60 billion a year industry --…