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Menopause Age and Your Risk for Diabetes

Going through menopause early may increase your risk for developing diabetes. Going through it later than normal? A surprising protection.

At the Heart of It All

It’s Time to Lower Your Stress—The Not-So-Silent Killer

When it comes to stress, it is critical to look at both what stresses us out and what de-stresses us…so we can combat this chronic threat to our health.

Women's Sexual Wellness

Vaginal Dryness in Menopausal Women

Dr. Rubman recommends DHEA vaginal suppositories and squalene for women when vaginal dryness is making them uncomfortable or if they plan to be intimate.


Menopause Is a Pain in the Back!

After menopause, women are at greater risk for lower back pain due to lumbar disc degeneration. Find out how to fight back.

Bone Health

Quiz: Menopause and Your Bones

Menopause changes bones in ways you can’t see or feel. Test your knowledge about osteoporosis prevention with this quiz!


The Health Risks of Iron After Menopause

After menopause, a woman's risk for diabetes and heart disease goes up. One likely culprit is the loss of estrogen…

At the Heart of It All

The Most Important Medical Tests Once You Start Menopause

Well, this has been fun. If you haven’t been on this menopausal journey with me, now is the time to…

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

Natural Menopause Aids for Bone Loss, Strength and Sexuality

The patient: Mary, a youthful modern dance instructor in her late 60’s, wants to retain her vitality. Why she came…


What Your Hot Flashes Say About Your Health

When is a hot flash not just a hot flash? When it’s a window into future health—of your heart, your…

Bone Health

The Best Yoga for Your Bones

You know that weight-bearing exercise such as walking strengthens your bones. But there’s growing evidence that yoga—already pretty popular for…

Breast Cancer

9 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer—Before and After Menopause

From losing belly fat to a certain kind of exercise to curbing alcohol, here are actual science-backed ways to reduce breast cancer risk.

Women's Health

The Truth About Women and Heart Disease

We’ve all seen this movie…a man clutches his chest, showing intense pain and collapses on the floor—heart attack. It’s usually…

Bone Health

Are Your Bones as Healthy as You Think?

Women—and men—should watch out for these 4 common mistakes… You might think that a bone fracture is a relatively minor…


The Best Walking Speed for Your Heart

Like to walk? Try picking up the pace—just a little. Your heart will thank you. In an analysis of 40,000…

High Blood Pressure

Shake It Up, Baby: How to Vibrate Your Way to Lower Blood Pressure

“Jiggle” machines to lose weight—those belts that vibrate around your middle while you just stand there—go back to the 19th…


Hot Flashes Linked to Heart Disease

More than 70% of women experience hot flashes around the time of menopause. Not only are hot flashes bothersome (to…

Women's Health

The Embarrassing Symptom No Woman Should Ignore

Chances are, you already know the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which apply to both men and women—snoring, snorting,…

Breast Cancer

How to Beat Breast Cancer

Despite Good News, Misunderstandings Abound One-third of all new cancers diagnosed in women are breast cancers. The American Cancer Society…


5 Hidden Causes of Pain

If you’re hurting, it’s crucial to find the real culprit… Do you have arthritis, backaches or some other type of…

Skin & Nails

Midlife Acne

Bottom Line/Health: I know a number of women who have this complaint. They got over their teenage acne, skin’s been…