Adriane Berg

Adriane Berg, Esq., is a captivating writer and speaker and a pioneer in the field of longevity and aging. She is the founder of Adriane Berg & Associates, a firm that helps companies market to the boomer and mature generations.

Ms. Berg is the host of Generation Bold: The Fountain of Truth, syndicated on BIZTALK Radio. She is a well-known advocate for successful aging with multiple appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America and other national shows. She is a New York Times Age Boom Fellow and author of 14 books including How Not to Go Broke at 102: Finding Everlasting Wealth and The Totally Awesome Money Book for Kids.

She is also an attorney and helped found the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, advancing the concepts of longevity planning and longevity law in the financial and legal professions. She was an editor of the Law Review, NYU School of Law, where she earned her JD degree.

Her many awards include an Emmy for her TV work and—one which she considers more important than that—a 5-year Facilitator Acknowledgement for her work with children at Good Grief, a nonprofit that provides support to young people and families after the death of a mother, father, sister or brother.

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How Coronavirus Might Save Your Life

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My Ultimate Secret to Beautiful Skin

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OK Boomer: Have the Age Wars Begun?

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Food for Skippy: Doggie Bags Boomer Style

In today's "PC world," even a simple doggie bag has taken on new meaning.

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Dental Tourism: The Good, the Bad and the Molar

Don’t risk bankruptcy due to health-care costs. Consider medical and dental tourism. Great care can be had for a fraction of the cost.

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The Language of Longevity: Why Age Words Matter

How you describe yourself—and how you perceive yourself— determine how you feel and behave at any age. Forget infirmity…focus on vitality.

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Start Now to Be Who You Want to Be

The new world of longevity starts with one decision—who do you want to be in the later stages of life?

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The Downsizing Chronicles: The Agony and the Ecstasy

Downsizing guru Marie Kondo has got it wrong. For folks of a certain age, the "joy-ploy" doesn't always work.

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Will Scientific Breakthroughs Make Living Past 100 a Given?

New world of life science research is ending aging as we understand it today. New “BioAge” test and more.

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Coming of Age…Again Will Co-Housing Help Retirees Retain Community?

Communes are back for baby boomers, providing community plus support for aging individuals. Like the old days, the residents set the rules.

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Why Won’t Mama Listen to Me?

How do you get aging parents to move to a safer home? With love, strength and a deep understanding for what they are going through.

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My Birthday Blog—I’m Crying Because I’m Confused

At 71, Adriane Berg’s birthday celebration was a living example of age confusion in an era where elders’s place in society is changing.

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Allying with Powerful Feminist Initiatives to Fight Ageism

The fight against ageism needs to be fought much like the feminism movement. It worked then…it can work now.

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7 Reasons for Perpetual Lateness Syndrome…and What to Do About It

When you retired, did you throw away your alarm clock? Perpetual Lateness Syndrome doesn’t work, even in retirement. Time to fix it.

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How to Plan a “Fun-er-al”

You’ve had a wonderful life…you can have a wonderful death. Get creative for your last act.

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How to Hula Hoop: Mastering the Impossible

Even if you failed once, twice, three times, you can still master that skill. At 72, Adrianne Berg just did.