Charles B. Inlander

Charles B. Inlander, a consumer advocate and health-care consultant based in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania. He was the founding president of the nonprofit People’s Medical Society, a consumer-advocacy organization credited with key improvements in the quality of US health care, and is the author or coauthor of more than 20 consumer-health books.

Health Care Providers

Is Your Doctor Referring You to the Best Medical Specialist?

Doctors can be good resources for referrals to medical specialists, but they are not always be objective. What to watch out for…


Going Abroad? Don’t Leave Home Without Travel Medical Insurance

A trip abroad can be a vacation of a lifetime. But if you get sick or injured, the bills can be huge. Here’s the insurance that will protect you…

Health Care Professionals

How to Get Your Doctor to Return Your Call (or E-Mail)

If you have a question for your doctor, are you sure that your phone call or email will get a response? Here’s how to ensure that you do hear back…

Medical Expenses

How to Find Out the Cost of Hospital Care

Until recently, the cost of hospital care was largely a mystery until you or your insurer got billed. Now, you can find out sooner. Here’s how…

Health Care Facilities

Facility Charge Is Latest Hidden Health-Care Fee

When receiving medical care, you don’t expect to get a bill from a facility you didn't visit. But hospitals are doing just that. How to avoid paying…


Smart Ways to Keep Track of Your Medical Records

Over your lifetime, you’ll get medical care from dozens of providers. Here’s how to keep track of all these important records…

Health Insurance

Don’t Let “Step Therapy” Prevent You from Getting the Medication You Need

We count on health insurance to help pay for our prescription drugs. But the new “step therapy” program can create obstacles. How to fight back…


How to Get to Yes When Medicare Advantage Says No

Don’t assume “no” is the final word. Here’s how you can fight back and win your claim.


Making Sense Out of Medical Studies

News reports on medical studies often leave people more confused than informed. Here’s how to get to the truth…


Is Your Doctor’s Office Good Enough for a Seal of Approval?

Should you be impressed when a health-care provider touts an “accreditation” and seal of approval? Here’s what all those “credentials” really mean.

Health Care Facilities

Smart Ways to Use Urgent Care

Urgent care centers are springing up across the US. Here’s when you should—and should not—use one of these centers.


Does Your Insurance Company Know Too Much About You?

Health insurance companies can retain your medical records under certain circumstances. Here’s what they can do with your private health info.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Gets Even Trickier

If you don’t have the right health insurance, a serious illness can put you in the poor house. Here’s what to watch out for during open enrollment…

Health Care Professionals

Has Your Doctor’s License Ever Been Revoked? Here’s How to Tell

Just because your doctor has a license to practice in your state doesn't mean he/she hasn't had a problem in a different state. How to find out...


When You’re Out of Treatments, “Right to Try” Isn’t Your Only Hope

When a pwerson is terminally ill and has exhausted al lthe FDA-approved treatments, "Right to Try" laws aren't the only option...


Make Sure Your “Free Checkup” Really Is Free

Medicare and the Affordable Care Act tout their "free" services. But you can end up paying (a lot!) unless you know how to get what you're entitled to.

Medical Expenses

New Ways to Save Money on Prescription Drugs

Here are some new tools in the fight to pay less for the medication you need.


Check That Medical Bill

Mistakes on your medical bill are not just a problem for your insurance company. They could be costing you money!


How to Choose the Right Medical Advocate

There may be times when you can't make your own medical decisions, so it's crucial to designate a trustworthy person. Here, some points to consider...

Health Care Professionals

How to Get the Most from Online Doctor Reviews

Nearly 60% of patients say online doctor reviews are important when choosing a physician, but they do have shortcomings. Get the most from this online tool.