Dana Jacobi

Dana Jacobi is a New York City-based recipe developer and cookbook author. Her cookbooks include The Essential Best Foods Cookbookand 12 Best Foods Cookbook. DanasMarketBasket.com


The Healthiest Hummus: Garlic, Lemon. Yummm

Classic hummus is made from chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans), tahini (sesame seeds ground to a paste), garlic, lemon…

Seasonings & Spices

Taking the Miso Out of the Soup

If you have eaten in a Japanese restaurant, you have probably tasted miso, the fermented bean paste that is the…


The Lentil Dish You Can’t Stop Eating

In the Middle East, India and Mediterranean countries, lentils are an essential, inexpensive meatless protein used in many dishes. In…


Make Your Own Nut Butters

Say the words “nut butter” and most people think of peanut butter, the most common nut butter around. But there…