David F. Chang, MD

David F. Chang, MD, clinical professor of ophthalmology at University of California, San Francisco, and past president of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. He is an international authority on cataract surgery who frequently lectures surgeons about advanced cataract techniques and the newest lens implants. He is coauthor of Cataracts: A Patient’s Guide to Treatment.


If I Have Glaucoma, Can I Get Cataract Surgery?

Having both glaucoma and cataracts is not uncommon as we get older. The cataract surgery must be done with the glaucoma in mind.


Cataract Surgery: Better Vision and Perhaps a Longer Life

Cataract surgery has become a rite of passage for older adults. Now the procedure is easier than ever—with unexpected benefits.


Steroid Medications Can Cause Cataracts

Even Low-Level Steroids Can Impact Vision Steroids -- the legal kinds, such as Prednisone and Cortisone -- are strong anti-inflammatory drugs…