David G. Borenstein, MD

David G. Borenstein, MD, clinical professor of medicine, division of rheumatology, The George Washington University Medical Center, Washington, DC. He is managing editor of The Spine Community website and author of Heal Your Back: Your Complete Prescription for Preventing, Treating and Eliminating Back Pain.

Back or Neck Pain

Can Osteoporosis Cause a Backache?

Unexplained back pain in a postmenopausal woman can have many causes. One that often goes undiagnosed is osteoporosis of the spine.

Back or Neck Pain

Vertebral Fractures: You May Have a Broken Back and Not Know It

Don’t assume that an aching back means just a pulled muscle. It’s among the most common symptoms of vertebral fractures,…

Bone Health

Banish Spinal Stenosis Pain—Natural Weapons That Work

Spinal Stenosis Pain Can Often Be Soothed with Natural Treatments It may start with discomfort or pain that arises in…

Back or Neck Pain

Breakthroughs in Back-Pain Treatment

With back pain, treatment advances occur so rapidly that often it is difficult for patients to keep up with the…