David Snowball, PhD

David ­Snowball, PhD, publisher of MutualFundObserver.com, an independent mutual fund–analysis website that tracks 36,000 investment products. He also is professor of communications studies at Augustana College, Rock ­Island, Illinois.

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Simplify Your Portfolio with One, Two or Three Funds

Instead of cramming your investment portfolio full of funds, consider consolidating.

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Some Foreign Funds Are Not Foreign Enough

Your foreign stock fund may have a heavy dose of US stocks, possibly throwing off your asset allocation plan

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Best Stock Funds You Never Heard Of

These funds that are small and less well known than other funds have been beating the crowd.

Portfolio Strategy

Investments that Are Worth the Risk for Higher Returns

As the bull market ages some investors are stretching their comfort zones to boost returns. Here are some great investments options to do that.

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These Attractive Funds Focus on Overlooked Midcap Stocks

Medium-sized companies get ignored by investors, but they often combine the best attributes of large and small companies.

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These Stock Funds Avoid Big Market Dips

Worried about stock market volatility? Invest in funds that are resistant to corrections and are strong performers overall. We found the best ones.

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Microcap Funds

Funds focused on the smallest stocks have taken the lead, offering investors new opportunities.

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The 7 Best Funds for Volatile Times

Bottom Line asked five leading investment experts to choose the best mutual funds and exchange-traded funds for today’s extremely volatile market.

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New Mutual Funds

It may be enticing to jump into a new mutual fund. A new fund’s small size and its ability to…

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Faltering Funds

Would you invest in a mutual fund that trailed more than three-quarters of its category over the past year? Slumps…