Diane Harper, MD, MPH, MS

Diane Harper, MD, MPH, MS, professor in the departments of family medicine and obstetrics and gynecology at University of Michigan, physician director for Community Outreach, Engagement and Health Disparities at University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center and one of the country’s leading experts on HPV.

Cancer Prevention

The HPV Test: Why It’s Better Than the Pap for Cervical Cancer Screening

Still expecting a Pap test at your ob/gyn visits? Here’s why the new first-line test is better.

Cancer Prevention

HPV: The Killer That We Don’t Talk Enough About

The link between HPV and cervical cancer is well known, but it’s just the beginning of potential cancers that could develop.

Cancer Prevention

HPV: The Killer That No One Talks About

You may be at increased risk for a number of deadly cancers and not even know it. Despite all the…