Dr. Michael Breus

Michael J. Breus, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and both a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Dr. Breus is on the clinical advisory board of The Dr. Oz Show. He is the author of The Power of When, a groundbreaking that proves there is a perfect time to do everything based on your hidden biological chronotype, including having sex, running a mile, eating a cheeseburger, asking your boss for a raise and much more. He is also author of The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan: Lose Weight Through Better Sleep and Good Night: The Sleep Doctor’s 4-WeekProgram to Better Sleep and Better Health. For more than 14 years, Dr. Breus served as the sleep expert for WebMD. He also writes “The Insomnia Blog,” which can be found regularly on The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, Sharecare and The Oz Blog.


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