Greg Rosica, CPA, CFP

Greg Rosica, CPA, CFP, a partner with the accounting firm Ernst & Young who specializes in private client services and tax consulting, New York City.

Tax Planning

Smart Strategies for 2020 Year-End Tax Planning

Big developments ranging from the pandemic and recession to new retirement plan rules could affect your taxes for this year.

Tax Preparation

The New 1040 Form Is Not So Simple

The 1040 tax form has shrunk for 2018, but that doesn’t necessarily make your taxes simpler or quicker to fill out.

Tax Planning

5 Strategies to Save Money Under the New Tax Law

Money-saving strategies to help you win under the new tax law when it comes to retirement accounts…deductions…home buying…borrowing...and more.

Cutting Taxes

7 Things You Didn’t Know Are Taxable

Ignore Them at Your Own Risk Buried treasure…generous gifts from your employer…and that iPad you got as a gift for…

Cutting Taxes

Last-Minute Tax Savers

Steps to Take Before Year-End Now is a great time of year to find tax savings. Enough of the year…

Cutting Taxes

Big Changes Ahead for Taxes—What to Do Now to Cut Your Bill

Congressional gridlock has had one slightly beneficial impact on federal income tax filers this year—there weren’t many big changes in…