Jeff Yeager

Jeff Yeager is AARP’s official “Savings Expert” and host of a weekly AARP web show on YouTube. He is the author of four popular books about frugal living, including his most recent, How to Retire the Cheapskate Way.


5 Ways to Save Money on Moving

Moving can be a hassle, but with these apps and other resources, you can save lots of money…and lots of stress.

Retirement Planning

How To Never Run Out Of Money And Still Enjoy Life

Comedian Henny Youngman used to tell a story about meeting with his advisers to discuss his finances and retirement prospects.…


Cheapskate Travelers Travel Well For Less

When you’re known as “The Ultimate Cheapskate,” people usually think you must lead a miserable, stay-at-home life, spending every waking…

Money Savers

Six Ways to Reuse Aluminum Foil

1.   Scour a barbecue grill or remove stuck-on food from pots, pans and oven rack. 2.  Scrub rust off…

Retirement Living

9 Worst Retirement Regrets

Many You Still Can Fix Enjoying retirement is near the top of most people's wish lists. But when I was…

Money Savers

Little Ways to Save Big Money

Total Savings: $3,890 a Year Frugality has become necessity for many Americans. The recent recession has drained retirement savings and…

Diet & Nutrition

Do You Get Enough Omega-3s? How to Tell

New Blood Test Measures Omega-3 Levels There’s no shortage of research affirming the benefit of omega-3 fatty acids... but until…


Fulfill Your Travel Fantasies

Go absolutely anywhere in the world for lots less Question: Where does a cheapskate go on vacation? Answer: Just about…

Money Savers

The Ultimate Cheapskate

In the current economic climate, many of us are looking for ways to cut back on our spending. But the…

Financial Planning

Simple Secrets of Living Debt-Free

From those who don't owe a penny If you can’t afford to pay for it now, you can’t afford it.…

Money Savers

The Ultimate Cheapskate’s 5 Big Ways to Save $20,000 a Year

Nearly all of the talk these days about economizing focuses on how to get what we want but pay less…

Money Savers

The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Six Money-Saving Rules for the New Economy

This new economy requires some new approaches for managing our money and our lives. Here are my favorite money-saving strategies…


How to Get a “Nice Guy Discount” on Appliances, Electronics, Furniture and More

Negotiating Strategies from The Ultimate Cheapskate Editor's Note: In good times or bad, this recession-era advice about negotiating a better…