Laurie Steelsmith

Laurie Steelsmith, ND, LAc, is a naturopathic physician, acupuncturist, certified Iyengar yoga teacher and passionate spokesperson for educating and empowering women to transform their lives with better health through natural medicines and practices that work with, rather than against, the body’s own healing processes. She is coauthor of three books—the best-selling Natural Choices for Women’s Health, the critically acclaimed Great Sex, Naturally and her latest, Growing Younger Every Day. A leading advocate for natural medicine, Dr. Steelsmith is the medical director of Steelsmith Natural Health Center in Honolulu, where she has a busy private practice, and is an associate clinical professor at Bastyr University, America’s leading center for the study of natural medicine.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Strengthening the Gut Microbiome in the Era of Covid-19

COVID-19 infection can cause a dangerous immune system “inflammatory storm.” The right foods can help your body effectively fight an infection.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

How I’m Assisting My COVID-19 Patients with Natural Medicine

There are no proven treatments for COVID-19, but natural approaches help patients ease symptoms and support a healthy immune response for a faster recovery.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Sound Heals! The Right Playlist to Boost Your Mood

Music can affect your brain and body. What you should listen to (and avoid) to promote wellness, help you focus, improve performance, make you happier.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

The Pros and Cons of Chiropractic Care

Is chiropractic care right for you, or is there a better approach to healing musculoskeletal pain? And what should you do when an injury happens?

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Yoga as a Catalyst for Change…for Healing, for Happiness

Yoga sparks change from the inside out. Those I recommend it to find that they eat, sleep and work better, exercise more, and love deeper. You can too.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

7 Immune-Boosting Tricks to Stay Healthier

The greatest gift you can give yourself is health. Here are seven simple tricks to build your body’s defense system naturally…this season and always.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Solving the Puzzle of Sudden-Onset Depression

From happy and involved to persistent sadness and pain, the cause (and cure) of this deep depression was rooted in the patient’s move to her new home.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Game-Changing Pain Relief with Oxygen (Ozone) Therapy

Oxygen (ozone) therapy provides faster healing from soft tissue and joint pain. Patients regain range of motion…walk with ease…and sleep solidly again.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

The Secret Ingredient That Causes Digestive Distress

After eating, Patrice felt bloated, followed by gas, constipation or diarrhea—and sometimes pain. It’s wasn’t really IBS, but a food sensitivity!

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Natural Relief (At Last!) for Painful Period Cramps

Going off birth control pills caused debilitating menstrual cramps. The solution started with soothing baths and finished with a lifestyle makeover.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

The Root Cause of Heart Palpitations, Anger, Weight Gain, More

Lily was concerned that the symptoms accompanying her heart palpitations—anger, interim weight gain, breast tenderness—signified a grave problem.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

IV Nutrient Therapy for Asthma and Allergy Relief

A rash on her face…body relentlessly itchy…eyelids often swollen…a cold or flu every 2 to 3 months…asthma and allergies unbearable! Here’s the cure…

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Hidden Cause of Neck and Shoulder Pain: Low Hormones

Kara’s neck and shoulder pain had grown so acute she could hardly fasten her bra. Here’s the three-pronged approach that brought relief.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

PRP Magic: Look Younger, Feel Younger with Platelet-Rich Plasma

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy injects a patient’s own blood to jumpstart the healing process to rejuvenate skin, joints, sexual pleasure, more.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Overcoming Insomnia Naturally

Everything seemed right: No major illnesses…a job she loved…healthful diet…regular exercise. Here’s why Olivia was having sleep problems—and the cure.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Relief at Last for Severely Itchy Skin

Itchy skin can be a surprising effect of menopause-related hormonal changes. Learn the natural secrets to relief.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Sudden Adult Acne: Mystery Solved and Cured—Naturally

Liz’s sudden and persistent acne flare-up—the lower half of her face was covered in pimples—defied her dermatologist. Here’s what solved it.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

The Detox Cure for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Carolyn’s digestive woes started with antibiotics to treat her teenage acne. This natural detox finally stopped the bloating, gas and constipation.

Women's Health

Is There a Natural Pain Reliever for Ovarian Cysts?

Painful ovarian cysts don’t always require medication. Here are the natural therapies that provide relief…

Diet & Nutrition

The Healthiest Foods for Your Gut

To boost healthy gut bacteria, new research points to specific foods that you should be eating every day. Here they are.