Lee J. Slavutin, MD, CLU

Lee J. Slavutin, MD, CLU, principal of Stern ­Slavutin-2 Inc., an insurance and estate-planning firm in New York City. SternSlavutin.com


Genetic Testing Could Torpedo Your Insurance

If you expect to apply for life insurance, disability insurance or long-term-care insurance, think twice about getting a DNA test.

Life Insurance

Life Insurers Could Misread Your Medical Records

If a life insurance company mistakenly believes you have a health issue that could reduce your life expectancy, it might push up your premiums by 30%.

Life Insurance

Profit from Selling Your Life Insurance

Do you have a life insurance policy that you no longer need? Do you have a parent with an old…

Life Insurance

Need Cash? How to Borrow from Your Life Insurance Policy

Many types of loans are difficult to obtain in these credit-crunch times. However, you might get needed cash by borrowing…