Marcy Cottrell Houle

Marcy Cottrell Houle, MS, is a professional biologist and award-winning author of four books and numerous articles. Her most recent book, The Gift of Caring: Saving Our Parents—and Ourselves—from the Perils of Modern Healthcare, coauthored with geriatrician Elizabeth Eckstrom, MD, MPH, MACP, shares the latest medical knowledge and best ways we can advocate for our loved one’s health care as well as our own. Once so active and vital, Marcy’s father developed Alzheimer’s disease in his late 70s, and her mother grew frail from a variety of medical conditions. In her 14 years as caregiver (all while raising two young children), Marcy saw just about everything that could go wrong…or right. Today, she is a frequently featured speaker helping others prepare for and navigate the journey of caring for those we love.

What Caregivers Need

How to Make Hearing Aids Work for the Ones You Love

Good hearing is essential to good health but many people resist hearing aids. Here, how caregivers can make hearing aids work for their loved ones.

What Caregivers Need

Hospital Traps for Seniors

Caregivers must be vigilant when a loved one is hospitalized. How to keep your loved one from becoming weak…disoriented…sleep-deprived, dehydrated and more.

What Caregivers Need

Write Your Life Story: The Best Gift for Children and Grandchildren

While you still remember—questions to you get started sharing your life story with the people you love…and for caregivers to get their loved ones talking.

What Caregivers Need

Caregivers: Take Care of Your Brain

Caregiving is hard, draining work, but you can’t neglect yourself in the process. Here, the four keys to maintaining your brain health. Make the time!

What Caregivers Need

Caregivers: Know the Signs of Dehydration

My father nearly died from dehydration—and the care-facility staff missed the signs, thinking it was his Alzheimer’s. How to protect your loved one.

What Caregivers Need

What Caregivers Need: The Six Steps to Self-Care

One of my favorite caregivers of my mother once expressed, “Caregiving is not a hard job; it is a heart…

What Caregivers Need

Caregivers Need Sleep Too!

Try these five pill-free remedies for achieving a restorative night’s sleep…and wake up with the energy you need to accomplish all the demands on your time.

What Caregivers Need

When a Loved One Is in the Hospital: 3 Most Important Terms

It’s something nobody wants to think about: Going to the hospital. The fact remains, though, that older people can wind…

High Blood Pressure

Acupuncture Can Reduce High Blood Pressure Without Drugs…and Keep it Low

Neiguan and Jianshi. Zusanli and Shangiuxu. Don’t worry – you don’t have to remember these Chinese names for acupuncture points.…