Mark Kantrowitz

Mark Kantrowitz, financial aid and college savings expert who has testified before Congress on student debt issues. He is the author of Who Graduates from College? Who Doesn’t?

Financial Planning

The Financial Risk of Early Decision

Students who apply to a college for “early decision” and who are accepted commit to enrolling in that school. Problem:…


How To Make Sure Your Kids Graduate College

The cost of a college education can be staggeringly steep—and for many students, that investment will be wasted. Only 41%…

Financial Planning

Your Unclaimed Assets Are Waiting for You

Tens of billions of dollars are just waiting to be claimed—and you could be the winner. That may sound like…

College Finance

Best Ways to Help A Grandchild Pay for College

How you help a grandchild pay for college can have a big effect on financial aid…taxes…and estate planning. Here are four options.


How to Save Big on Refinancing Education Loans

A sharp drop in interest rates means students and parents can save thousands of dollars by refinancing education loans while reducing monthly payments.


Student Loan “Relief” Is Often a Scam

Instead of getting you relief from your student loan debt, these scams could plunge you into default.


Savings for College Just Got Trickier Under the New Tax Law

The new tax law has made a big change in how you can use a 529 college saving plan, and it has made saving for college even more tricky.

College Finance

10 Common Mistakes When Paying for College

Paying for college is complicated. The ways that colleges decide on aid packages can seem mysterious, and the number of…


Paying Off a Student Loan?

Avoid These Costly Mistakes The cost of college has skyrocketed in recent decades, and so has the burden of student…


How to Get Cash Back for College

Paying for your purchases with credit cards could earn you money for a child’s college education. It even might help…


The Student-Loan Forgiveness Hoax

The Internet is littered with ads promoting the Obama Administration’s Student-Loan Forgiveness Program. There have been TV ads about it,…

College Finance

State College Tuition Soaring—What to Do

In-state tuition and fees have soared over the past 10 years at many state colleges, some of which charge more…


Hidden Traps in Employer Tuition Programs

The coffee chain Starbucks drew a lot of attention recently when it announced that it would cover the cost of…

College Finance

Are Need-Blind Colleges Lying?

Officials at The George Washington University (GW) recently admitted that the school’s admissions policy is not truly “need-blind,” as it…

College Finance

How to Pay for College Now That Loan Rates Are Soaring

Tuition bills are due in August at most colleges, and many families still don’t know how they’ll pay what could…

College Finance

College Financial-Aid Bait and Switch

Approximately half of all colleges lure incoming freshmen with appealing ­financial-aid packages, only to slash those aid packages in future…