Matt Schulz

Matt Schulz, chief industry analyst with Compare Cards by Lending Tree, a credit card analysis website.

Credit Cards

Credit Card Issuers Are Slashing Key Benefits

Credit card benefits such as rental car insurance and trip-cancellation coverage are fading and you may not notice until it’s too late.

Credit Cards

The Best Low-Rate Credit Cards for a Rising Rate Environment

As interest rates rise, you could save money by transferring your balance to low-rate credit cards.

Credit Report Score

Credit Bureaus Are Erasing Negative Info

Credit scores for millions of people will get a boost this year as tax liens and most civil judgments are…

Credit Cards

Beware These Tricky Store Credit Cards

Make a purchase at a major retail chain, and you might be asked if you would like to sign up…

Credit Cards

“Chip” Cards Have Security Gaps

Many credit card issuers are ­finally starting to issue cards in the US embedded with microchips, a security measure used…