Matt Schulz

Matt Schulz, chief industry analyst with Compare Cards by Lending Tree, a credit card analysis website.

Credit Cards

Don’t Let Your Credit Card Limits Be Slashed

Credit card limits are being cut and cards closed amid the recession, but you can take steps to protect yourself.

Credit Cards

Credit Card Issuers Are Slashing Key Benefits

Credit card benefits such as rental car insurance and trip-cancellation coverage are fading and you may not notice until it’s too late.

Credit Cards

The Best Low-Rate Credit Cards for a Rising Rate Environment

As interest rates rise, you could save money by transferring your balance to low-rate credit cards.

Credit Report Score

Credit Bureaus Are Erasing Negative Info

Credit scores for millions of people will get a boost this year as tax liens and most civil judgments are…

Credit Cards

Beware These Tricky Store Credit Cards

Make a purchase at a major retail chain, and you might be asked if you would like to sign up…

Credit Cards

“Chip” Cards Have Security Gaps

Many credit card issuers are ­finally starting to issue cards in the US embedded with microchips, a security measure used…