Robert Carlson

Robert Carlson, editor and publisher of the Retirement Watch monthly newsletter. He is a managing member of Carlson Wealth Advisors and chairman of the board of trustees of the Fairfax County (Virginia) Employees’ Retirement System.


Time for a Hedge Fund?

Most stock funds have suffered sharp losses this year because they can make money only one way—the stocks they own…


Winning Strategies for Cautious Investors

Warren Buffett once said, “After all, you only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.” The…

The Economy

Stagflation Playbook

Are we about to get walloped by “stagflation”? We have not seen this combination of high inflation, high unemployment and…

Financial Planning

Don’t Let These 5 Surprises Derail Your Retirement

Beware of these five retirement financial surprises—ranging from the real results of downsizing to the tax consequences of retirement—that can derail plans, consume savings and...


Benefits of the New Stimulus Bill

Provisions in last year’s financial stimulus bill may have an effect on your income tax filing for medical expenses, donations and/or your retirement.

Estate Planning

The Shrewdest Money Moves You Can Make in 2021

With interest rates way down and stock prices, as well as car prices, way up, Bottom Line Personal asked five financial experts for some of the shrewdest money moves you can make ...

Tax Planning

How You Invest in Gold and Silver Will Affect Your Taxes

As gold and silver prices have soared, your tax bite can vary a lot depending on whether you invest in coins, ETFs or mining stocks. Here’s how to choose.