Stephen P. Gullo, PhD

Stephen P. Gullo, PhD, psychologist and expert in the behavioral nutrition approach to weight control, president of the Center for Health and Sciences in New York City, and author of The Thin Commandments Diet: The Ten No-Fail Strategies for Permanent Weight Loss.

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7 Smart Ways to Control Nighttime Eating

You’re able to satisfy your appetite all day long, but at night the food demons call your name. Here’s how to quiet them.

Losing Weight

The New “Scale”: A Better Way to Weigh Yourself

Struggling with weight loss or stuck at a plateau? Weigh your habits to achieve weight loss success.

Losing Weight

How to Stop Thinking About Food and Get On With Your Day

Dieting is twice as hard if you can’t get your mind off food. Here’s how to put eating back in its rightful place.

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Smarter Nighttime Noshing

Surprising foods it's okay to indulge in Many people enjoy an evening snack, and that’s fine—as long as you stick…