Top 10 Celebrity Death Lessons of 2019

In memory of those who died in 2019, Bottom Line offers advice on the conditions that claim so many lives each year…

Tim Conway died from complications of normal pressure hydrocephalus
Is Dementia Reversible? A Simple Test May Tell

Doris Day died from complications of pneumonia
Taking Steroids? Do This to Prevent Pneumonia

Peter Fonda died from complications of lung cancer
Beware This Hidden Cause of Lung Cancer

Jim Fowler, zoologist and Wild Kingdom co-host, died from complications of heart disease
Personalize Your Heart Disease Prevention Plan

Valerie Harper died from brain cancer
When Cancer Spreads to the Brain: New Treatments Offer Hope

Lee Lacocca died from complications of Parkinson’s disease
The Parkinson’s Rx: A Strong Dose of Exercise

Dr. John, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, died of a heart attack
Think You’re Having a Heart Attack? How Chest Pain Is Evaluated in the ER

Jessye Norman, American opera singer, died of septic shock
How to Survive When an Infection Becomes Sepsis

Luke Perry died from complications of stroke
How to Stop a Stroke Before It Happens

Cokie Roberts died of breast cancer
Dense Breasts and Breast Cancer Risk: What You Need to Know