Top 10 Fitness Secrets of 2019

Exercise & Fitness

Anyone Can Do It: How to Stay Healthy and Fit Even on Your Busiest Days – with Denise Austin

Denise Austin—one of the busiest people you will ever find—joins Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner and shares her secrets for helping men and women reach their fitness goals in...

Exercise & Fitness

Exercise as a Couple and Double Your Results

Fun ways that couples can support each other’s fitness goals. Togetherness creates more enjoyment and makes it easier to stick with.


4 Top Fitness Bloggers Solve Your Exercise Dilemmas

Secrets from top fitness bloggers Jen Widerstrom, Kathy Smith, Cary Williams and Vince Sant to help you reach your fitness goals.


How to Make Yoga Safe for Every Body

If you’d like to try yoga but have arthritis, osteoporosis or cancer, you can do it safely with the right modifications and teacher. Read on…

Strength Training

Fine-Tune Strength Training for Specific Goals

Already in the gym pumping iron? Make lifting weights doubly effective by tailoring your program with these easy steps.


Walking for Exercise? Here’s How to Find the Right Intensity

Walking is one of the best aerobic exercises you can do—especially if it’s at the right intensity. Here’s an easy way to check yourself…

Your Personal Mind-Body Coach

How to Use Music to Maximize Your Workout

The right music can help you exercise longer and harder than you thought you could…and you’ll enjoy it more to boot.


Move Your Trunk for Better Health

Few daily activities or exercises move your trunk. These will boost circulation, improve posture, increase flexibility—you’ll even breathe better!


4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Balance

A fall can be deadly—especially for older adults. To avoid this danger, sneak these easy balance-building moves into your daily activities.

Exercise Equipment

Supercharge Your Workout with a Weighted Vest

A weighted vest can help you get more from your exercise. Read on for the benefits and tips on choosing the right vest…