Top 10 Home Owner’s Advice 2019

Home Maintenance

Stop Flushing Away Money on Unnecessary Plumbing Bills

How to decide which plumbing problems are DIY, which are not, and how to avoid future problems.


Is Your Air-Conditioning Poisoning Your Home?

Allergens from mold and bacteria (microbes) are probably spreading throughout your house right now. If you have central air-conditioning or…

Alcoholic Drinks

How to Store Wine—Plus 3 Affordable Wines That Get Better with Age

It's mostly a myth that good wine gets better with age. Most bottles don't. But you can ruin wine by storing it wrong. Here’s how to store wine.

Home Improvements

Tips That Will Help You Paint Walls Like A Pro

DIY painters often make mistakes that look bad or even force them to paint a room all over again.


Why a Housemate Is a Great Idea at Any Age—and How to Pick a Good One

Home sharing can be a great way to live in a beautiful home, pay less and create an instant community.


Moving a Household Can Be a Disaster—How to Avoid Big Blunders

A lot can go wrong when you pack up everything you own and move it to a new home. Here are common mistakes and how to avoid them.


Five Cleaning Tools That Make Housekeeping Easier

These five effective, affordable products can make your home cleaner and your cleaning easier.

Home Maintenance

Home Warranties Are Horrible Deals

Here’s why home warranties may not give you what you expect.

Home Improvements

Nine Nifty Tools Worth Adding to Your Toolbox

These tools tackle fix-it challenges including working in tight spaces, unclogging drains, seeing in dark spaces and interpreting car warning lights.

Buying & Selling

Quick Home Sales Are Offered by More Online Firms

A growing number of companies known as iBuyers are offering to quickly buy homes themselves. But you typically end up with a much lower sale price.