Top 10 Ways to Turn Back Time 2019

At the Heart of It All

Start Where You Are: A How-To Guide for Changing Your Life

If your doctor hasn’t given you specific advice but you are motivated to change your life and your health, let me step in and give you some guidance.

Aging for Beginners

Look Younger in Under an Hour for Less Than $100

Adrian Berg’s 12 favorite ways to look as young on the outside as you feel on the inside.

Brain Health

New Ways to Make Your Brain Act 20 Years Younger

Looking for a fountain of youth for your brain? These “brain exercises” are scientifically proven to work.


A Healthy-Aging Superstar You Should Know About

Is there such a thing as a “fountain of youth”? Yes, say scientists who have discovered a healthy-aging superstar called fisetin. How it can help you…

Diet & Nutrition

Dr. Joel Fuhrman Shares Stories of How Foods Heal Disease

Listen in as Dr. Joel Fuhrman joins Bottom Line president Sarah Hiner to share his patients’ success stories.


Beyond Wrinkles…Top Treatments for Thinning Skin

Wrinkles aren’t the only thing making your skin look old. The latest ways to protect and improve thinning skin from a Harvard dermatologist…

Exercise & Fitness

Anyone Can Do It: How to Stay Healthy and Fit Even on Your Busiest Days – with Denise Austin

Denise Austin—one of the busiest people you will ever find—joins Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner and shares her secrets for helping men and women reach their fitness goals in...

Brain Health

To Improve Your Memory, Declutter Your Brain

If you’ve always got appointments, errands and other things to remember, stop overworking your brain. Memory aids can help in unexpected ways…


Joel Harper: How Posture Affects Your Health, Your Mood And Your Every Cell

Listen in as Joel Harper shares some of his favorite posture-improvement tricks and discusses the role posture has on one’s approachability.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

PRP Magic: Look Younger, Feel Younger with Platelet-Rich Plasma

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy injects a patient’s own blood to jumpstart the healing process to rejuvenate skin, joints, sexual pleasure, more.