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Find Your Happiness in the Face of Life’s Challenges

Are you happy? It isn’t a question I ask too often. This may surprise you, but I think happiness is over rated. I think that the pursuit of happiness...

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Money and Happiness: It’s Not About the Bling

emotional state (what the researchers call “day-to-day happiness”) as well as their overall feelings about their well-being and “satisfaction&rdq...

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The Happiness Project

...called her research “The Happiness Project.” Different happiness strategies work for different people, but a few strategies stand o...


Frequent Sex—Even As You Get Older—May Boost Mental Health and Happiness

...female married responders who were age 65 or older (in fact, many of them were over 75) and had answered questions on marital happiness, overall happine...

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Science Discovers the Secret to Happiness happiness, psychological studies generally have failed to confirm that proposed happiness strategies actually work. One notable exception: R...

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My All-Time Favorite Sayings About Happiness

...happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles. – William Penn, founder of The American Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (1644...

60 Seconds of Happy

Gratitude: The Fast Track to Happiness is not necessarily the source of happiness, what is? According to several researchers, one of the most powerful ways of getting more happiness

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Use Your Mood to Improve the World

your happiness by an average of 15%. The happiness of a second-degree contact (for instance, your closest friend’s spouse) increases your ch...

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Happiness Secrets from the World’s Happiness Superpowers

Can the happiness of different countries be measured? And if so, can it help make you happier? An initiative of the United Nations releases a World Happine...

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Quiz: The Secret to Happiness

...negative moods as well as a general feeling of life satisfaction—in short, happiness. The result: Those who opted for more time rather than more money wer...

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Can Daydreaming Hurt Your Health and Happiness?

...Life Away In 2009, Killingsworth and his colleagues launched an iPhone Web application, “Track Your Happiness” (http://www.TrackYourHappines...


Are You Destined For Happiness? How to Tell

...focuses on learning all he can about the factors that affect human happiness. He told me that research has consistently found that personality has a strong infl...

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5 Steps to Create the Happiness You Want

...were selected to do one. Lighten up. Stop taking yourself so seriously! When we get overly serious, we put out negative energy. If you are struggling to find happiness

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Sure, Happiness Is Contagious… But So Are Divorce and Obesity

...we know well. Behavior and emotions are extremely contagious. They spread from person to person like germs, touching thousands of people, influencing everything from our

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The Essence of Happiness: Choose Your Focus

...the two posts, it got me thinking that this was, in part, the essence of happiness. Instead of letting a dirty armrest set the tone for an unhappy experience, m...

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Anyone Can Be Happy – You Just Have To “Choose Happy”

...true when it comes to happiness. Becoming a victim to the 40% intentional has caused so many people’s happiness to be suppressed. They de...


Come On, Get Happy!

...experienced alone, while happiness is likely experienced connected to others. Pleasure often is achieved with substances—caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, dr...

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Surprising Secrets from the World’s Happiest People

our happiness than we may realize. National Geographic author and explorer Dan Buettner spent five years talking to people in areas identified by researchers as th...


Do You Love Yourself? Why Compassion Is the Key to Happiness

Self-compassion is the key to a happier, healthier life… For years, self-esteem has been touted as the key to happiness and fulfillment. But there’s i...

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Happiness is Your Problem

...not complaining. Her promise, which has influenced her personally and professionally, was to be happy with her life. “Growing up means making your happiness