Just as inspiration comes from the strangest places, the most extraordinary actives often have humble beginnings. The herb Plantago Lanceolata goes by several names—English plantain, narrowleaf plantain and ribwort, among others. A favorite meal of sheep, senestem is found throughout European meadows, although in the US, it is most commonly recognized as an invasive weed.

Combine an extract of this unassuming plant’s leaves with glycerin and xanthan gum, however, and you produce Senestem, a powerful—and high-tech—anti-aging fighter.

senestem anti-aging

Developed by Sederma, a cosmetic ingredients company focused on biotechnology and vegetal extraction, Senestem visibly fades traditional signs of aging. Used consistently over the course of just one month, it increases skin’s firmness by 31% and elasticity by 22%.

Additionally, Senestem limits the overproduction of melanin, which can occur when your skin is overexposed to UV rays (think age spots that appear on your face and hands as you get older). After only two months of use, Senestem visibly lightens these unsightly, hyperpigmented brown spots and brightens your skin.

All in all, this one ingredient can result in a youth gain of up to six years! As incredible as its results are, though, it is the science behind this anti-aging active that is truly revolutionary.

senestem anti-aging

There are many different theories surrounding the aging process, and research is ongoing to find the most effective means of slowing down senescence, or aging, in cells. In recent years, scientists have investigated the role microRNAs play in aging. MicroRNAs, also known as miRNA, are short segments of RNA that suppress gene expression, hindering the formation of proteins and interfering with a cell’s ability to effectively replicate as it gets older. By reducing the number of miRNA molecules, you can prolong cellular survival and minimize the appearance of senescence. In fact, studies indicate that by limiting the role of miRNA, it is possible to improve the production of elastin and certain types of collagen, as well as lower pigmentation levels.

According to Sederma, Senestem is the first cosmetic ingredient designed to target miRNAs, restarting protein synthesis to delay cellular senescence, inhibit cellular breakdown and control the overproduction of melanin. It is a micro approach delivering macro improvements, such as increased density, firmness and elasticity as well as more balanced skin coloration.

Not bad for a common roadside weed!

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senestem anti-aging