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Natural Healing Secrets for Women

After a COVID-19 Infection: Healing Your Brain and Body

The four natural pillars to nourish yourself back to health—the right supplements…healthiest foods…getting your tissues much-needed oxygen and more.


Help Your Body Fight ­COVID-19—Naturally

Immune-boosting supplements may protect against coronavirus but can be dangerous if you develop COVID-19. Best supplements to help defend and help heal


Putting COVID-19 in Perspective in a Germ Filled World—Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. David Katz

Even as the country starts to reopen from the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine, there is deep fear and many questions about the safety of stepping back out into the world.

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Contradictory Policies Undermining the Return to Life

The contradictions in COVID-19 policies are increasing frustration and undermining our need and ability to be personally responsible for all aspects of our lives.


The Feel-Good Way to Protect Yourself From COVID-19— Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

There is more and more evidence every day that safe nutritional supplements can help protect against the virus that causes COVID-19 and lessen its impact if you do get it—things ...


The Best Defense Against COVID-19—A Holistic Approach

Certain herbs, minerals and vitamins help keep COVID-19 out of your body and reduce symptoms if you get them. Here’s what they are…


Say Goodbye to Toenail Fungus

Most people know the telltale signs of toenail fungus, but few are aware of the best ways to get rid of this wily infection.

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I Flew During COVID-19, and It Was Just Fine

What is it like to fly when coronavirus still hangs over us? A little creepy, but mostly quite lovely. No lines. No waiting. And right on time.


COVID-19 NEWS: The Latest on Treatments, Testing, Vaccines and More—Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Max Gomez of CBS-TV NY

Latest status on COVID-19 treatments, tests, vaccines, hospital resources and more, including antibody testing, Remdesivir and Plaquenil.

Aging for Beginners

Top National Institute on Aging Researchers Talk Candidly About Alzheimer’s Research

New and exciting collaborations are changing the face of Alzheimer’s research and treatment.

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There Is More to Do Beyond Masks for Safety…Do You Love Yourself Enough?

If we really want to beat COVID-19, we must add to our list of “community obligations” taking steps to improve our own health.


What’s Happening in the ICU During the Coronavirus Pandemic— Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Joseph Feuerstein

Find out firsthand how things are progressing in the fight against coronavirus from a doctor at the epicenter.

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

Cracking the Cause of a Bum Back

The rug merchant’s chronic back pain stemmed from the joint between his hip and sacrum. This naturopathic doctor was able to correct it in seconds.

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The Importance of Herd Immunity

Excessive use of hand sanitizers and other germ-killing/avoidance strategies is not helping our bodies prepare to fight COVID or the next novel illness.


The Feel-Good Way to Protect Yourself From COVID-19 —Sarah Hiner talks to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

To protect yourself against coronavirus, you need an immune system that is in fighting form.