Diseases & Conditions


Mosquito-borne Illness: What You Need to Know Now

Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest creatures on the planet. Which diseases to worry most about and the best ways to ward off these bloodsuckers.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Improve with Mindfulness Meditation

Four weeks of mindfulness meditation reduced both emotional and cognitive symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis in a recent study.


Why Do I Need to Wear a Heart Monitor for So Long?

If you’re having palpitations or other unexplained heart symptoms, wearing a Holter monitor can help detect the cause. Here, details on the process…

Parkinsons Disease

Natural Therapies That Ease Parkinson’s Symptoms

Medication has long been a mainstay of treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Now we know essential oils and acupuncture can help ease symptoms naturally…


3 Signs of a Lung Emergency

The warning signs that respiratory illness has become serious can be subtle and easy to discount. Here’s what indicates you need emergency help.


Why Do I Feel Full So Fast?

If you feel full before you’ve even finished your meal, your stomach is telling you something. Read on for the possible causes…


Answering Parents’ COVID Questions — Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Darria Long Gillespie

As the country starts to open up from the COVID-19 lockdown, parents have many questions and decisions to make about their children returning to school, team sports and more. Emerg...

Diseases & Conditions

Finding Calm in the Chaos

he news has been particularly distressing.

Joint Conditions

Faster, Better Recovery from Hip and Knee Replacement

Choosing the right doctor and hospital and optimizing health pre-surgery can make all the difference in your recovery. Secrets on how to do both…


New Nondrug Relief for Migraines

New electrical stimulation armband for migraine pain helps people who don’t get enough relief from triptans or experience drug side effects


Second Wave? Broadening of Wave 1…or Exaggerated Numbers?

As the world starts to open up from the pandemic, we are seeing frightening statistics indicating a second wave. Dr. Max Gomez offers some perspective.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

To Live Pain-Free, Take Care of Your Fascia: Here’s How

Fascia, which connects muscles, organs and bones, affects chronic pain, posture and movement. Here, the best exercises and therapies for fascial health.

Low Blood Pressure

Is My Blood Pressure Too Low?

High blood pressure is a widely recognized health threat, but blood pressure that’s too low also can be harmful. Read on for details…


Is Stress Getting the Best of You? Your Adrenal Glands May Be Burned Out

If you feel overwhelmed by stress and exhausted, adrenal fatigue may be the root cause. Here’s a simple three-step plan to restore your vitality…


Got Diabetes? Here’s How to Do a Better Job of Tracking Your Glucose

For decades, people with diabetes have relied on finger sticks to track their blood sugar. Continuous glucose monitoring is worth considering. Read on…