Diseases & Conditions

Diseases & Conditions

What You Still Don’t Know About The Coronavirus

Here are the facts you probably haven’t heard . . .

Diseases & Conditions

Power Up Your Immunity

To help guard against viruses, you know about diligent hand-washing, but it’s also wise to follow a natural immune-boosting regimen…

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

Bye, Bye Baker’s Cyst: No Cortisone, Drugs or Knee Surgery

The patient’s “rheumatic” knee grew a painful cyst. Dr. Rubman found the real cause (diet—not arthritis) and healed the cyst with natural treatments.

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

Is a Medical Miracle in Your Future?

Why a miracle cure for sickle cell disease gives hope for patients with cancer, neurologic, autoimmune, endocrine and other "hopeless" diseases.

Blood Pressure

Postprandial Hypotension: When Eating Makes You Dizzy

Feeling faint or dizzy after eating might be caused by postprandial hypotension, a common condition among older adults. Here’s what you can do about it.

Cardiovascular Disease

E-Cigarettes May Harm the Heart More Than Regular Cigarettes

A landmark study presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions finds the products in e-cigs and vape pens cause heart problems.

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

Simple Relief from Lefty-Related Hand and Wrist Pain

Lefties, take note! If writing causes you hand and/or wrist pain, here’s the mistake you’re probably making…and the simple solution for relief.

Breast Cancer

Heads-Up, Women: Hair Dye and Chemical Straighteners Linked to Breast Cancer

New research shows a real link between these hair products and breast cancer—a risk that has perplexed scientists for years due to mixed findings…

Diseases & Conditions

The Hidden Dangers of Vaping – with Dr. Melinda Ickes

Dr. Melinda Ickes joins Sarah Hiner to discuss the hidden dangers of vaping.

Colon Cancer

Common Mouth Bacteria Make Colon Cancer More Dangerous

The bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease (gingivitis, periodontitis) can trigger colon cancer to become more aggressive. Learn more.


Avoid Those Icky Germs in Public Bathrooms

): Public bathrooms are germy places, so follow these simple steps to avoid the common misconceptions that can get you sick...


Physical Exertion at Work Linked to Heart Danger

We all know that exercise promotes heart health. But new research shows that certain forms of physical activity may actually be harmful. For details...

At the Heart of It All

To Stent or Not to Stent? Breakthrough Heart Study Results

This new cardiology trial is bound to overhaul treatment strategies! What patients with stable coronary artery disease should do to prevent heart attacks.


Stroke Danger from PTSD for Young Adults

For the first time, research finds increased risk of stroke and transient ischemic attack (TIA) in young and middle-age veterans with PTSD.


What’s Causing This “Pins and Needles” Feeling in My Feet?

If you have a “pins and needles” feeling in your feet, don’t despair. Here are some of the most common causes—and how to get relief…