Breast Cancer

Heads-Up, Women: Hair Dye and Chemical Straighteners Linked to Breast Cancer

New research shows a real link between these hair products and breast cancer—a risk that has perplexed scientists for years due to mixed findings…

Colon Cancer

Common Mouth Bacteria Make Colon Cancer More Dangerous

The bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease (gingivitis, periodontitis) can trigger colon cancer to become more aggressive. Learn more.


When Cancer Spreads to the Brain: New Treatments Offer Hope

When melanoma or some other cancer spreads to the brain, the prognosis used to be grim. Now, treatment advances are dramatically improving outcomes…

Colon Cancer

Don’t Mess Up Your Colonoscopy! My Secret for More Effective—and Gentler—Prep

The typical bowel prep for colonoscopy is often inadequate, which can make the test less accurate. Tips for more successful—and gentler—prep here…

Lung Cancer

Beware This Hidden Cause of Lung Cancer

Most people associate lung cancer with cigarette smoking. But there’s another risk factor that’s hidden in millions of US homes. How to stay safe…

Breast Cancer

Dense Breasts and Breast Cancer Risk: What You Need to Know

Mammograms are the “gold standard” for detecting breast cancer. But women with dense breasts may need additional tests to find breast malignancies…

Prostate Cancer

The Best PET Scan for Finding Prostate Cancer Recurrence

New, FDA-approved prostate PET scan finds cancer recurrence earlier than other imaging tests.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Treatment Linked to Dementia

When it comes to prostate cancer, hormone therapy may increase risk for other serious conditions, such as dementia. Here, details of new research…


Cancer Genetic Testing: Is It Right for You?

Until recently, it was difficult to assess our cancer risk. Now, new genetic tests provide facts that can help keep us healthy. Read on…

Skin Cancer

Don’t Make These Sunscreen Mistakes

We all know that sunscreen reduces our risk for skin cancer. But too many people don’t get enough protection because of these surprising mistakes…

Cancer Prevention

Pancreatic Cancer: You Can Spot This Killer Before It’s Too Late

Pancreatic cancer is often lethal because it is rarely detected in early stages. Now, life-saving screening can monitor your risk. Read on…

Breast Cancer

6 Signs That DCIS Is Likely to Become Invasive Breast Cancer

Most women choose surgery and radiation even though DCIS usually doesn’t become invasive breast cancer. New guidelines help make a better choice.


Is Stomach Dysplasia the Same as Cancer?

Stomach cancer is a life-threatening diagnosis, but stomach dysplasia is a precancerous condition that may not be as serious. Read on for details…

Breast Cancer

Dramatically Reduce Breast Cancer Risk with the Right Lifestyle Changes

The older you are, the more likely breast cancer is due to what you eat and do, not your genes. You can reduce your risk!

Breast Cancer

MRI for Breast Cancer: The Merits of Twice-Yearly Screening

If you’re at high risk for breast cancer and are considering a mastectomy, read this first.