Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease

E-Cigarettes May Harm the Heart More Than Regular Cigarettes

A landmark study presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions finds the products in e-cigs and vape pens cause heart problems.


Physical Exertion at Work Linked to Heart Danger

We all know that exercise promotes heart health. But new research shows that certain forms of physical activity may actually be harmful. For details...

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To Stent or Not to Stent? Breakthrough Heart Study Results

This new cardiology trial is bound to overhaul treatment strategies! What patients with stable coronary artery disease should do to prevent heart attacks.


Little-Known Heart Attack and Stroke Triggers: New Insights

To avoid heart attack and stroke, we know to control blood pressure and cholesterol. But there other dangerous triggers to consider…

Cardiovascular Disease

Dog Owners Live Longer After a Heart Attack or Stroke

Owning a dog is good for your health. But new research shows heart attack and stroke survivors get extra benefits—especially if they live alone…


Aspirin for Heart Health: For Many, the Risks Outweigh the Benefits

Aspirin therapy has long been used to prevent heart attack and stroke. Now, research shows the risks outweigh the benefits for many people. Read on…

Cardiovascular Disease

Heart Attacks That Start Slowly Could Be More Deadly

Sudden chest pain is the classic red flag for heart attack. But symptoms that develop gradually may pose a bigger risk. To protect yourself…

Cardiovascular Disease

Could a Fitness Tracker Save Your Life?

Fitness trackers now do much more than count steps and calories. You can also get clues of life-threatening heart conditions. Read on…


Small Changes for a Healthier Heart

These little shifts in what you eat, drink and do can significantly boost your heart health. It’s easier than you think!

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

What Does Open Heart Surgery Actually Mean?

Does open heart surgery mean doctors literally open the heart? Or that they open the chest to get to the heart? It all depends on a lot of factors…

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Heart Disease Starts Long Before the Diagnosis…So Stop Waiting

If the choices you make—a doughnut over fruit, Netflix binge over a workout—would mean you have heart disease right now, would you choose differently?

Cardiovascular Disease

Triglycerides: The Heart Threat You Should Not Ignore

When it comes to heart disease risk, most people are aware of the threat high cholesterol poses—in fact, nearly one…


Is Robotic-Assisted Heart Surgery Right for You?

Open-heart surgery can be a life-saver, but it’s also quite invasive. When is robotic surgery a better choice? What you need to know…

Heart Attack

The Push-Up Clue to Heart Health

Here’s a quick, easy way to check your cardio health—and your risk for heart disease or heart attack.

Common Threads

Gender Bias in Health Care: Women—Watch Your Hearts

Women—when it comes to cardiac care, you aren’t being taken seriously by the medical profession. If you feel something, say something loud and clear.