Raspy Voice? Wheezing? Problem Swallowing? It Could Be Your Vocal Cords

Unless you make your living from your voice, chances are you r­arely think about your vocal cords. But that’s a…


Self-Care for Asymptomatic COVID-19

Many people getting COVID tests so they can travel or because they have been exposed to others with ­COVID are…


Exercise Makes the Heart Resilient

Regular exercise and increased aerobic fitness are widely recommended by the American Heart Association, and for good reasons. Moderate-to-vigorous physical…


How Vitamin D Helps Protect Against COVID-19 and More

Optimal levels of vitamin D offer protection against many health threats, including COVID-19. But how much do you need to stay healthy?


What A Health Coach Can Do For You

You want to exercise more, eat better, lose weight, lower stress, gain control of a health problem. How about a health coach to get and keep you on a new path?


Nature Deficit Disorder: A Massive and Dangerous Epidemic — Sarah Hiner Talks to John La Puma, MD

Getting back to nature is an easy—yet underutilized—way to boost your health. Dr. John La Puma shares with Sarah Hiner the benefits of an outdoor fix.


Can Fecal Transplants Treat Alcohol Addiction?

Healthy gut bacteria from a stool transplant may curb alcohol craving and drinking in patients with difficult-to-treat alcoholism. Research findings…

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

The Benefits of Music in Our Difficult Time

Music therapy is an inexpensive and easy way to transform your mood. You might be surprised by the positive benefits you will accrue, whether by listening or making your own.

Common Threads

Trust Your Body

Every part and system in our body plays a vital role. Simply removing or suppressing them because they’re “broken” puts your health at risk.


Why We Sigh

What is the point of sighing—those sudden, deep, audible exhalations? And what do you do if you live with a heavy sigh-er—or if you do it? A neurobiologist and a psychologist e...

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

Did My Baby Get Hurt When She Fell?

When a 7-month-old took a spill off an airline seat, mom and flight crew were concerned for her safety. How Dr. Rubman examined her to assess the situation.


Attention Heavy Sweaters: How to Sweat Less

Everyone perspires, but if you’re sweating buckets, and it’s interfering with your quality of life, there are many effective options that can help.


4 Common Moves That Lead to Injury

The right way to lift heavy objects…put on a shirt…walk downstairs…protect your neck—and prevent painful injuries.


Hands Off! How to Stop Touching Your Face

You know it’s bad for you, but why do you touch your face so much and, more important, how can you stop yourself? Here are the answers you need.


Five Ways to Stay Energized Despite the Heat

When staying in air-conditioning isn't an option, what to wear, eat, do to maintain energy levels.