Consumer Technology


The Risks of 5G Networks

5G will increase cell-phone speed and capacity…but experts say it also dramatically increases the radiation already surrounding you.


What You Need to Know About 5G

The fastest cell-phone network yet is soon coming to your neighborhood. What it does, when it will get here and what it will cost.


Which Apps Are Following You—and What to Do About It

Many of your apps are tracking and sharing or selling your location data. Here’s what you can do about that.

Consumer Technology

9 Great New Consumer Devices for 2019

A laundry folding machine…a high-tech dog feeder…a 10-second toothbrush…an automatic beer brewer…and more new consumer devices for 2019.


How to Choose a Photo Printer for Incredible Prints at Home

You can print professional-quality photos at home if you buy the right photo printer. Here’s how to choose.

Consumer Technology

New Devices Help Mobility, Sight, Hearing and Hand Problems

This new consumer tech can help you or a loved one get around better, use a computer with ease, eat without spilling and much more.


Gadgets for Better Cell-Phone Photos

Cell-phone cameras can take good photos, but a few accessories can help you take great ones. Choosing which gadgets to…


How to Improve Your HDTV Picture

Millions of HDTV owners aren't getting the high-quality TV picture that they paid for. HDTVs often are set improperly, and…


Your Family Photo Albums Might Be Ruining the Photos

Keep your irreplaceable family photos from deteriorating by storing them in the right kind of archival albums.


Street Photography 101: How to Photograph Strangers

You can open up a new world of photography by photographing strangers, and you can do it almost anywhere. Here are the tricks of the trade.

Consumer Technology

Wake Up! Alarm Clocks That Will Really Get You Out of Bed

These clever alarm clocks get you out of bed more reliably and/or pleasantly—some will even improve your sleep.


The Best Cellular Plans When You Travel Abroad

Here are the best international cell-phone roaming plans from several providers to save you money on a foreign trip.


How to Shoot Perfect Silhouette Photos

Taking bold silhouette photos, in which the subject is cast in black or dark colors, are surprisingly easy, even on a smartphone. Here's how.

Web & Social Media

New Selfie Danger: “Snapchat Dysmorphia”

Selfies are all the rage. But there could be a downside to this seemingly harmless practice, according to a new report. Read on…

Consumer Technology

The Best Wireless Speakers in 2018

To enjoy your smartphone’s or tablet’s music, podcasts, audiobooks and more in your home, you need better speakers. Here are some of the best.