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Pain Relief in Motion

Train Like You’re In the World Cup

Weekend warriors get injured when the spirit is willing but the body is weak. Here’s a smart three-part weekday training program to up your game.

Exercise & Fitness

Up Your Fitness Game at Circus School

You don’t have to run away and join the circus to get the thrills and health benefits of the flying trapeze and other big-top acrobatics.

Exercise & Fitness

Like TV a Little Too Much? Do This and It Won’t Hurt Your Health

Surprise: You can watch as much TV as you want (or surf the web) without harming your health if you know this one fitness tip.

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The Do-Anywhere, No-Excuses Full-Body Workout

This routine works every major muscle of your body. No equipment needed—just your body and gravity. Do it in your hotel, a friend’s guest room…anywhere!

Exercise & Fitness

Is Your Job Physically Demanding? That’s a Health Risk—and Not for the Reason You’d Think

You might think that having a job that keeps you active all day is good for your health. But it might shorten your life. Here's what to do.

Playing Sports

How to Be a Better Bowler in Minutes

Bowling is more fun when you get better at it. Here are three ways that the typical bowler can get much better, fast.


Try Functional Fitness to Get Fit for Daily Living

You can hit the gym everyday...and still get injured going about your daily activities. Functinal fitness can fix that. Here's how...

Exercise & Fitness

The Important Heart Health Number You’ve Never Heard Of

Cardiorespiratory fitness, or CRF, is an important measure of heart health—here’s why it should be one of the tests you get at your next check-up.

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The Other 23+ Hours: What to Do When You’re Not Exercising

Sure, your exercise daily. But that doesn’t give you permission to sit on your butt for the rest of the day. Here’s how to stay active all day.

Exercise & Fitness

Top Fitness Tracker Tips

Forget the naysayers who doubt fitness trackers—here’s how to make the most of your tracker and get great results.

Exercise & Fitness

Pain-Free Exercise: Add Intensity to Workouts, Not Impact

Don’t let fear of strenuous exercise keep you on the couch. Adding intensity can keep your muscles young with low risk of injury.

Strength Training

Easy to Do: Turkish Get-Ups

The Turkish Get-Up is a great single-exercise workout when time is limited—plus it makes you better able to move your body in real-life situations.

Exercise & Fitness

The New, Sleeker Electric Bikes

You may want an electric bike for an easier commute, to carry cargo or just for recreation. Get the right one for your needs and budget.

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The Secret to a Truly Sculpted, Sleek Body

Here’s the right way to design your workouts to get the body you want. Balanced, beautiful and pain-free.

The Natural Side of Menopause

My Favorite Post-Workout Supplements to Speed Muscle Recovery

Whether you hike, do strength training or intense Crossfit classes, here are my favorite supplements to keep up my energy and ensure a quick recovery.