Aging for Beginners

FINDING THE RIGHT WORDS: Why It Took 10 Years to Buy a Memorial Bench for My Mother…and What I Learned Along the Way

After they die, how do you find the right words to memorialize them? Adriane Berg shares her journey.

Common Threads

Teach Our Children Well

Adulting is hard…we could make the transition easier by teaching our young adult basic life skills before they make costly mistakes.

Soul Perspective

Meaningful Ways to Remember Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away

Four ways to reconnect to a loved one no matter how many years since he or she died. One candle, one soul, can light many flames. Pass it on!

Aging for Beginners

The Grandparent Chronicles Part 3: Is Your Grandchild Digitized?

Today’s young children will be so completely digitized that they will make even millennials look old fashioned. Can we do anything about this? Should we?

What Caregivers Need

Write Your Life Story: The Best Gift for Children and Grandchildren

While you still remember—questions to you get started sharing your life story with the people you love…and for caregivers to get their loved ones talking.


7 Ways to Get Your Kids to Talk to You About Their Health

Teens may be reluctant or embarrassed to come to you when they think something’s wrong with their bodies. Here’s how to get them to open up.

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

Avoid Family Conflicts When a Parent is Ill or Dying

Advanced planning is key to prevent even more difficulties when a parent is seriously ill. What you need to do well before illness or disability occurs.


How to Protect a Parent from Caregiver Abuse

Here’s what to do if you’re worried a caregiver is robbing your parent of freedom and/or assets.


I’m Jealous of My Own Child!

Feeling jealous of your child's success is more common than you’d think. Here's how to reduce that feeling and make sure it doesn't ruin your relationship.

Common Threads

Do You Still Pay Your Grown Kids’ Phone Bills?

Kids naturally want to be independent. So why are so many living with their parents? Bottom Line Inc's CEO Sarah Hiner explores.


Is Your Daughter or Daughter-in-Law Pregnant? For Family Harmony, Follow these 5 Rules!

Your daughter or daughter-in-law is pregnant, and you're thrilled—and concerned. Here's how to be a great grandparent during the pregnancy and labor.

Aging for Beginners

The Grandparent Chronicles Part 2: How Much Influence Did Your Grandparents Have On You?

I didn’t realize how much my grandparents affected me until recently—and I’m almost a grandparent! What about you?

Common Threads

Where Would We Be Without Our Brothers?

Brothers are like superheroes watching for our safety. “What if we were all superhero brothers?” asks Bottom Line’s CEO Sarah Hiner.


How to Stand Up to Your Overbearing Parents

Your parent is always criticizing your spouse, your child-raising, your purchases—you name it. Here’s how to wrest back control…without causing a rift.

Aging for Beginners

The Grandparent Chronicles Part 1: Which Kind of Grandparent Are You?

Scientists have categorized and named different sorts of grandparents. I think I know which sort I am—how about you?