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10 Great-Tasting Low-Calorie Craft Beers

For craft beer lovers, the question is do the new low-calorie options deliver rich taste? These do.

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Pan-Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Tomatoes

The juiciness of the tomatoes is a playful contrast to the crunchiness of the sprouts. This tasty side dish will add such vibrant color to any meal.


Celebrate with Fun, Fast, Fourth of July Desserts!

Wow your crowd with these red, white and blue treats that are fast and easy to make.

Fruits & Vegetables

Exotic Fruits and Veggies You Should Be Eating…but Probably Aren’t

Stop eating the same produce all the time, and liven things up with these healthful, delicious exotic fruits and veggies…

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Vegetarian Poke Bowl

Sautéed dishes of kale, mushrooms and cabbage plus carrot salad, mango and spiced tofu combine deliciously over brown rice or other whole grain.

Alcoholic Drinks

Best Drinks for the Summer

Great summer party cocktails and wines that you won’t regret the next day.

Cooking Techniques

Blenders: Not Just for Smoothies!

Kitchen blenders are great for making more than smoothies and daiquiris. Try whipping up healthy homemade soups, salad dressings, soups and more…

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Try Jackfruit: The New Meat Substitute

Go beyond boring beans or tofu. These veggie-and-jackfruit combinations include a curry, a chili and a farro bowl seasoned with “nooch.”


4 Crazy-Delicious Dinner Recipes That Use Eggs

Eggs make these entrees healthy and unique. Hearty Butternut Squash Soup with Poached Egg, Middle Eastern Shakshuka, Ricotta Soufflé and Easy Fiesta Bowl.


The Tastiest Coffee in the World

A coffee expert picks his favorite beans to fit your tastebuds—if you like red wine, scotch whisky and more.

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Five Spice Baked Tofu

Even tofu haters will love this dish. The key ingredient—Chinese five spice powder—is simply magical.


Are You a Victim of Fish Fraud?

Restaurants and retail stores may substitute cheaper fish, raised and harvested differently from what’s on the label or menu.

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What to Do with Cabbage? Three Recipes You’ll Love

Don’t be afraid of cabbage! Here are three mouthwatering variations on this superfood featuring curry, tarragon and zaatar.

Alcoholic Drinks

How to Store Wine—Plus 3 Affordable Wines That Get Better with Age

It's mostly a myth that good wine gets better with age. Most bottles don't. But you can ruin wine by storing it wrong. Here’s how to store wine.

Fruits & Vegetables

Are Purple and Orange Cauliflower More Nutritious Than White?

Cauliflower is ultra-healthy. But how do those brightly colored varieties stack up against the white version? A leading nutritionist breaks it down…