Eat Like Margie

Five Spice Baked Tofu

Even tofu haters will love this dish. The key ingredient—Chinese five spice powder—is simply magical.


Are You a Victim of Fish Fraud?

Restaurants and retail stores may substitute cheaper fish, raised and harvested differently from what’s on the label or menu.

Eat Like Margie

What to Do with Cabbage? Three Recipes You’ll Love

Don’t be afraid of cabbage! Here are three mouthwatering variations on this superfood featuring curry, tarragon and zaatar.

Alcoholic Drinks

How to Store Wine—Plus 3 Affordable Wines That Get Better with Age

It's mostly a myth that good wine gets better with age. Most bottles don't. But you can ruin wine by storing it wrong. Here’s how to store wine.

Fruits & Vegetables

Are Purple and Orange Cauliflower More Nutritious Than White?

Cauliflower is ultra-healthy. But how do those brightly colored varieties stack up against the white version? A leading nutritionist breaks it down…

Packaged Foods

The Best Chips You Need to Try NOW

Here are some delicious and innovative chips and other snacks made from whole foods. They have more nutritional value than potato chips and taste great.

Cooking Techniques

All That Glitters Is Not Edible

Not all glittery “dust” sold for use on baked goods is safe to eat. Learn what you need to know about decorations for sparkly desserts.

Eat Like Margie

Smoked Salmon & Vegetables with Lemon, Caper and Wine Sauce

The smoked salmon and capers really rule the day here, but get creative with your vegetables. Gluten free, dairy free, tasty and fast.

Alcoholic Drinks

The Secret to Finding Great Cheap Wine

Great wines from famous places are overpriced. Here's how to find great values by seeking similar wines from obscure regions.

Eat Like Margie

Green Gobblin’ Salad: Fennel, Apple, Broccoli & Avocado

Love broccoli florets but toss the stems? With this flavorful salad, you’ll benefit from all of its nutrients without it tasting like, well, broccoli.

Cooking Techniques

Perfect Muffins Every Time

Make light, fluffy muffins that don’t stick to the pan.


Delicious Healthy Stews to Warm Up Your Winter

These stews from Ellie Krieger make living well easy—Make-ahead bouillabaisse…African peanut stew…Sunday sauce beef stew.


The 4 Best Alcohol-Free Drinks in America

These alcohol-free drinks are the ones to make if you’re cutting down on alcohol or you just want a refreshing drink—or two—that leaves your head clear.

Eat Like Margie

Apple-Carrot Muffins for a Grab & Go Breakfast

This mouthwatering muffin is packed with nutrition for an all-in-one breakfast you can eat on the go. Gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free!


Chocolate—The Anytime Health Food

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Research shows that this “special treat” has more health benefits than previously thought.